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Things God Hates by Rabbi Hershberg


Things God Hates, Things God Loves by Rabbi Greg Hershberg

Aneko Press, January 2023

$5.99 ebook

$18.99 Print

About the Book

Journey through this book with me and consider the Scriptures that tell us what the Lord hates and what He loves. Ask the Lord to teach you to live with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength for Him, in such a way that He will look upon you with favor.

My Review

Things God Hates, Things God Loves is a precious look at our Savior through Scripture from the point of view of a messianic Jewish Rabbi. It’s a wonderful story and guidebook of what can happen when we open ourselves to God’s great invitation and enjoy Him. Set up in 18 chapters, seven of which detail things God hates, followed by seven chapters of things God loves, Hershberg walks us through the Bible to help us understand these concepts. Chapters are uniquely balanced between Old and New Testament, bringing stories of favor and trials to life. Those familiar with Proverbs will pick out those things God hates and learn how to clearly understand the original intent in order to put them into perspective and turn away. Those familiar with Psalms and the letters to the early church will see things God loves put into practice for today.

Full of Scripture and thoughtfully laid out, readers who desire a deeper walk with our Lord will find Things God Hates, Things God Loves a treasured added resource to your library of books you’ll want to read more than once. I received an arc from Aneko Press and provide my own opinion.

About the Author

Rabbi Greg Hershberg was born in New York City, and raised in Orthodox Judaism. He graduated from Pace University, Magna Cum Laude in 1980 and worked in the financial sector. He later owned and operated an executive search firm in New York City. In 1989, he married, and while on his honeymoon in Israel had a miraculous visitation from the Lord. From that point on, his heart was set on serving God. He  currently resides in Macon, Georgia with his wife, Bernadette, and their four children and leads the Beth Yeshua International global ministry.

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Updated Timeless classic released Call to the Unconverted


Call to the Uncoverted to Turn and Live
by Richard Baxter
Updated and Annotated 

Aneko Press January 2023

1681 pp
Print $12.99

About the Book
This book is from 17th century classic Reformed minister Richard Baxter, revised from the 1863 version. “If you will turn and live, do it determinedly, and do not stand still and deliberate as if it were a doubtful case. Do not stand around wavering as if you were uncertain whether God or the flesh is the better mas­ter, whether sin or holiness is the better way, or whether heaven or hell is the better result.”

My Review
Originally written and published by Mr. Baxter during his ministry in England, this “little treatise” speaks a powerful but simple word, especially to those who have heard the gospel but haven’t chosen to follow it by repenting and living a worthy life. God does not give you prophets, but ordinary ministers, Baxter writes.

Using heart-felt pleas, Baxter makes liberal use of Scripture to appeal to the reader to stand now, while here and alive, before it’s too late. He’s astonished at how many are called but how few will be saved, he writes in his introduction. His goal is two-fold: to convince readers it’s not God’s fault if they are in misery, and it’s their fault if they choose to reject God. Following, he lays out seven principles to support his exhortation.

Baxter’s conclusion again begs the reader to convert to a life of faith, and lays out reasons to do, as well as concise directions, such as “read and heed the word of God,” “immediately give up your known and willful sin,” and the very practical “change your company.” Ending with a lovely prayer, Baxter’s love for people is clear and dear.

Updated with call-outs and readable, elegant typesetting, this timeless plea for the souls of humankind will surely touch all readers.

About the Author
Richard Baxter (1615–1691) preached “as a dying man to dying men.” He was devoted to God and was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. Best known as the minister of Kidderminster in England, his love for God and others resulted in practically the entire town of Kidderminster turning to Jesus during Baxter’s ministry there. Richard Baxter desired unity among Christians, which often resulted in opposition from those who held to church loyalty or theological views rather than to Christ and God’s Word. Baxter had his share of persecution, even being imprisoned on several occasions.

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Write Now Literary Tour with Dr Debra Moore Ignont

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-week book tour and Amazon gift card giveaway for What Do You Do When Your Faith is Unsure? My Journey of Singleness to Intimacy by Dr. Debra Moore Ignont. The book tour will run Dec 5-16, 2022.

ISBN: 978-1-958207-30-7

Genre: Christian Memoir

Book Release Date: September 1, 2022



Dr. Ignont is passionate about ministry and has served in various capacities for many years; be it as a youth department administrator, singles ministry leader, choir member, or interceding for others on the altar.

A Bay Area native, Dr. Ingot graduated from Bishop O’Dowd High School and studied at University of Phoenix earning a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis on Small Business Entrepreneurship. Additionally, Dr. Ingot was recently bestowed with an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the God School of Ministry.

Dr. Ignont is married to George Ignont and the stepmother to 4 adults and step-grandmother to 6 grandchildren, while also assisting in the care of her 85-year-old mother.

She currently serves at the Well Christian Community in Livermore, CA where she has completed a 2-year ministerial course and is currently enrolled in their School of Worship. When not serving in ministry, she is the CEO of D. Moore Consulting, Inc., a labor, and contract compliance consulting firm.



We’ve all had moments in our lives when our faith is being challenged. Perhaps you’re trusting and believing God for something and the manifestation of it feels like it’s a lifetime away. This transforming story of triumph, victory, and God's relentless grace is not without setbacks and disappointments. Author, Dr. Debra Ignont takes us on a self-revealing journey as she uncovers the underlying reasons of low self-esteem and rejection that has plagued her faith for decades. Debra helps readers connect by sharing her non-public journey of broken relationships, but also her journey to redemption and freedom. A beautiful aspect of this book is that it reminds readers of the extraordinary path we each must take to reach our own promised land.


The negative body image and height insecurities were planted in my adolescent years. I was always teased because of my weight and height. It began in my Junior High years and continued into my adulthood. I was tall and really skinny until my sophomore year in High School (I will explain this transformation in a later chapter). I was also somewhat shy. The kids would call me all kinds of names such as bean pole, skinny Minnie, skyscraper, etc. But to come home and have my dad comment on my weight would send me over the edge.

However, my intent in giving my number to him, I believe, was so I could hear him validate me some more. This was where the insecurities that are never addressed will get you trapped in some mess. Needless to say, I don’t believe he intended to ever give me rides to school, but instead give me rides emotionally and physically after school, if you know what I mean.

Crazy how the enemy can have your moral compass all screwed up. Although I ended things,

he wanted to keep them going. The only righteous thing to do was to walk away, and I did just that. In my warped sense of accomplishment, I was sure God was pleased by my walking away and I didn’t think about how I disappointed God yet again by committing adultery.


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Holiday Indie Reads Tour and Giveaway Dec 13-19


I’m so excited to be a part of @NNP_W_Light’s Indie Reads Bookish Event. Check out all the featured books and enter the giveaway to win a $35 Amazon gift card: 

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Below is a complete list of authors participating. Find new reads!

On Tuesday, December 13, my mystery, Meow Missing, will be featured.

On Friday, Secember 16, my suspense, UnderCut, will be featured.

Enter to win a $35 Amazon gift card: a Rafflecopter giveaway Open Internationally. You must have a valid Amazon US or Amazon Canada account to win.

Runs December 13 – December 21, 2022.

Winner will be drawn on December 22, 2022.

Tuesday 12/13

Regina Jeffers

Lucinda Race

Ellis Summers (Smuggler)

Susan Payne (Harrison)

Lisa Lickel (Meow)

Joyce Reynolds-Ward (Pledges)

Barbara Barrett (Dragon)

Karen Doctor (Cop)

Wednesday 12/14

Kathleen Lawless

Norm Harris (Deception)

Veronica Scott (Kyden)

Chrysteen Braun

K.L. Doctor

Joyce Reynolds-Ward (Netwalk)

Marilyn Barr

N. Christine Samuelson

Thursday 12/15

Louis Ambrosio

Dania Voss

Ellis Summers (Quinn)

Susan Payne (Midwife)

P.L. Parker

Friday 12/16

Linda McLaughlin

Veronica Scott (Dancer)

Lisa Lickel

Saturday 12/17

Susan Payne (Jeremy)

Park Cooper (Talking)

Barbara Barrett (Drywall)

Karen Doctor (Satin)

Sunday 12/18

Norm Harris (Girl)

Don Meyer

Lloyd Jeffries

Monday 12/19

Ellis Summers (Granted)

Susan Payne (New Banker)

Park Cooper (Song)

Diane Bay

Joyce Reynolds-Ward (Enduring)

Suzanne Winslow

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The Hope Raisers by Nihar Suthar


The Hope Raisers: How a Group of Young Kenyans Fought to Transform Their Slum and Inspire a Community

Nihar Suthar 

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, November 15, 2022
Nonfiction, Cultural and Heritage Biographies, 174 pp.
Ebook $26.50, hardcover $28

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About the Book
The poignant and inspiring true story of three young Kenyans who fought to transform their slum and improve the lives of those around them.

Korogocho is one of Kenya’s darkest slums, plagued by gang violence, food and water shortages, and rampant pollution. Most children have no future except for scavenging through trash piles or resorting to lives of crime. One day, a boy named Daniel Onyango decided to do more, creating a band called the Hope Raisers to inspire the kids of Korogocho. His friend, Mutura Kuria, quickly joined in.

In The Hope Raisers: How a Group of Young Kenyans Fought to Transform Their Slum and Inspire a Community, Nihar Suthar tells the amazing story of how Daniel and Mutura turned the band into a platform for change. They started teaching children on the streets how to express themselves through art and established a skating team after finding a pair of rollerblades in the dump. Suthar closely follows the story of one rebellious girl, Lucy Achieng, who refused to get married off at a young age and instead used competitive rollerblading to reach for her dreams. Lucy continues to inspire girls to stand up for themselves and challenge the longstanding practices in Korogocho of early marriage and prostitution.

The Hope Raisers is an eye-opening look into a world of poverty and violence where children receive only a basic education and are left with little to no means to get out. Yet it also reveals the remarkable impact that a few determined individuals can have on their community, even in the most challenging of conditions.

Part of the proceeds from all book sales will be donated to the Hope Raisers and toward improving the slum of Korogocho.

My Review
Fourteen short chapters and an Epilogue are barely enough to contain the story of a little community that could. The book rose from an intriguing article about a group of skaters in Kenya, and proceeds will help support Hope Raisers initiatives.

It’s always a challenge to read about other cultures from our American standpoint, but at least we have a chance to learn. Too many other people around the world do not.

The author describes life in an African neighborhood slum where gang wars over garbage dumping rights at a place that also provides means for the lucky who find food and things to sell. It is a life of so little that treating others viciously is their main method of coping. Depravity is the law of the land, and I cannot help but wonder how that could possibly change in a culture so dry of dignity and respect across gender and class.

Readers follow Mama Bonie and her family as she makes the best of life and raises her children in a faith-based community for the first few chapters. At church, son Mutura meets a friend, Daniel, who makes music and learns about world government. They form a group, Hope Raisers, with a goal to encourage awareness of the poverty and violence and find help to renovate the area and maybe even build a school. They learn of opportunities to get involved in movements that could offer a chance to rise from abject lack. Their music video raises attention to their plight and gets them funding, but unfortunately gang and tribal violence in 2008 set back their efforts. Beset with a lack of understanding and connectivity between greater government and their Slum Upgrading Programme, efforts to improve life for those in the slums moved forward and back in herky-jerky pace.

When Daniel and Mutura learned about roller-blading, they brought the sport back to their neighborhood, and along with their friend Lucy, a star soccer player, form competitive skating leagues. Who would have thought that team skating provides a great change than a pile of money to fund ineffective programs?

Using dialog in this work of creative nonfiction, Suthar shares this unique story of raising hopes for children of the slums. Included is a discussion guide and extensive bibliography. Recommended for readers who want to learn of other cultures and are looking for involvement opportunities.

About the Author

Nihar Suthar is an award-winning writer living in Tampa, Florida, covering inspirational stories around the world. Learn more about him, his work, and his mission at


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New lovely kids story from Tim Fox


A Place to Grow, book 2 in the Place series
Tim Fox
Journeys Publications
Oct 5, 2022
Children’s fiction

$2.99 ebook
Buy on Amazon

About the Book 
Big Mama has a family of active cubs to raise, even as a new threat emerges. Twelve-year-old Tracy has places to explore, things to discover, and her first 5K race to run. Aunt Lynette, Mallory, and Jamie provide guidance, love, and support, helping Tracy to thrive. And Tracy's wonderful friend, Kitty, is there watching over them all. A Place to Grow picks up where A Place For You left off and will leave readers cheering for this uniquely blended family of humans and cats! A Place to Grow is joyful, appealing to cat lovers, and empowering for girls.

My Review
The second book in this series can be read as a standalone. This sweet story explores how a young girl is adapting to her new life in her great-aunt’s home. Aunt Lynette has a wonderful neighbor, artist Mallory, whose boyfriend, Jamie, is a game warden who also runs amateur races. Together, these four learn and grow with each other, along with a pet rescue kitten, and a local mountain lion mama raising her cubs. As the author says, this series blends a wonderful group of people and critters into a unique blended family. Set in lovely Wisconsin, Tracy is determined to learn more about her environment with Jamie’s help and encouragement, training and running in race events with the support of everyone, developing observational, gardening, and artistic skills with Mallory, and a love of cooking and sense of kindness and responsibility from Aunt Lynette.

There’s a bear involved, too, but you’ll want to read about that for yourself.

Recommended for the tween set girl, though any reader would enjoy this series.

About the Author
Tim Fox is a Wisconsin writer who loves hiking in Wisconsin's state parks and natural areas. He has been a teacher and coach and now does personal fitness training.

His author website is

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Shadows Rising from Amanda Berthault


Shadows Rising by Amanda Berthault
EdenEcho Publishing, 295 pp
July 5, 2022
Contemporary Action
Ebook $3.99
buy on Amazon

About the Book
Music has the power to bring unexpected soul mates together. But their dark pasts collide—with deadly results. An evil force will stop at nothing to end it all. There is nowhere to hide.

Shadow McKinley has rebuilt his musical career, successfully regaining his status as one of the best heavy metal singers in the world. But with success comes the adoration and worship that had driven him away before. As he finds himself drowning once again, he meets the one person who truly understands him. A soulmate who brings as much danger as happiness.

Stunning Dutch metal singer Nicoline Aldenberg also has a dark past of bad decisions. As Shadow falls deeper under her spell, he faces the wrath of her violent ex-husband who will stop at nothing to kill him. Onstage and off, from Atlanta to Tilburg, nowhere is safe. Can Shadow survive the most impassioned—and deadliest—choice he’s ever made?

My review: 
Shadow McKinley has never known love or acceptance for who he was. A touch feels like fire; meeting someone’s eyes is a struggle, and talking to strangers physically painful. So how can he figure out how to handle love when it runs into him like a tidal wave?
Something strange and brutally frightening overwhelms Shadow, a heavy metal rock star. He’s returned to his career after a brief hiatus on the run and serving time for a past mistake. His fans have forgiven him, and now he must forgive himself. With the help of his best friends and bandmates, he works out his extreme fear of crowds to accept an invitation to perform with heavy metal stars from around the world at a concert in the Netherlands. The overwhelming part comes in when he’s paired with a stunning Dutch singer. Waves of emotion cause him to make an unusual gaffe during rehearsals. It takes Shadow’s friend Tommy to talk him down from his strange euphoria and help him navigate this strange landscape of not only accepting romantic love, but learning how to return it. Trouble is, the stunning Dutch singer Nica comes with more baggage than Shadow in the form of a lovely young daughter and a savage ex-husband out for more than revenge.
Once again Berthault explores unusual relationships and the concept of family and the devastation of abuse, set across continents at concert venues, hotels, and the sanctity of home. Once Nica’s ex learns of her budding romance with Shadow, and his daughter’s adoration for Shadow, he goes berserk and schemes to take back by any means what is his, and remove any obstacle in his way. As Shadow’s bandmates surround him with encouragement, advice, and support, Shadow begins to enjoy his music and his life in a way he’d never imagined possible—all because of a special woman and her daughter.
The threat escalates with each move until mortal danger becomes a terrifying reality. Shadow takes control of his life by working out his fear and anger through physical fitness, worrying Nica further that he’ll put himself in harm’s way to protect her, should her ex grow more violent. But Shadow needs to do something to channel his rage at the thought of the danger Nica is in, and continues to build physical strength as well as self-esteem. As their relationship deepens, Shadow and Nica must learn to trust each other even during the worst moments of their lives.
This second installment of a planned trilogy is well-paced and page-turning.
Berthault, a native Chicagoan with a passion for music, gives readers of contemporary romantic suspense and action a thought-provoking novel about self-acceptance, sacrifice and the depth of passion. I have one wish, that the f-bombs be cut back and used as shockers rather than part of everyday speech. Told through Shadow’s viewpoint, the story unfolds in crisp and honest real time as he begins to come to terms with his self-worth. Hopefully Berthault will get her wish that Heavy Metal Fiction will become a shelf label.
About the Author:
Amanda Berthault is an author, editor, and music lover who wants to make “Heavy Metal Fiction” a real genre. She has a BA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago and has had multiple musically themed short stories published over the past two decades. She lives in the Chicago suburbs where she runs a freelance editing business helping other independent and self-publishing authors.