Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Women With Unshakeable Faith


Women With Unshakeable Faith

Dr. Paulette Harper
Thy Word Publishing, April 2023
Paperback, 131 pp

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Dr. Harper once again provides another well-done anthology of women sharing their stories. In this book, fourteen brave women bare their souls to tell about their faith journey. Some of them come from a background of a dearth of faith, while others were raised in Christian faith and given plenty of opportunity to doubt the reality of Christ's love and protection. From public educator fighting the Pandemic and the stress that birthed a dread disease to bareness and single parenthood to homelessness to addiction, each of this women offers the precious gift of a reason to believe and act on that believe in the saving grace of Christ. I so appreciate one author allowing herself to be angry: "I said out loud, 'I am made at God. I have lost faith...'" Confession and nailing those hurts to the cross, literally, helped her heal.

Each story is short and pithy, providing encouragement.

Readers will find much to love and healing power in these stories.

Saturday, August 19, 2023

First Chapter Contest Opens


  CWA's 8th Annual 

           First Chapter Contest is Open for Entries

 This opportunity is open


of Chicago Writers Association.

You may join CWA HERE.

Are you writing a novel? Submit the FIRST CHAPTER of your work, up to 10 pages, to CWA's 8th Annual First Chapter Contest.

 First prize is a full scholarship to attend either the All-Genre Novel-In-Progress (NIP) Bookcamp & Writing Retreat or the Speculative Fiction NIP Bookcamp & Writing Retreat, both being held June 16-22, 2024 at the Siena Retreat Center in Racine Wisconsin (approximate value: $1500).

 Second and third place winners will receive cash awards of $150 and $75, respectively.

 The top three entries will also be published in CWA's Write City Magazine.

 Please read and follow the guidelines before submitting.

The deadline is October 1, 2023. Winners will be announced by December 2023.

 A nonrefundable fee of Fifteen Dollars ($15) must be made online on the same date as the author’s entry is submitted.




Tuesday, July 25, 2023

My Neglected Gods new book from Joanne Nelson


 My Neglected Gods

Joanne Nelson
Creative Nonfiction
Vine Leaves Press, 130 pp
July 25, 2023

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About the Book
We all have our rituals and talismans to protect us from the unknown, but will we admit what they are? Tarot cards, speeding cars, several saints, and old dogs make appearances in Joanne Nelson’s new collection of prose and poetry. She unravels the secular deities giving shape to her days, not only on planes, but in summer crowds, at conferences, and in long post office queues. Whether it’s a bandaid in a pocket, the backup pen in a purse, or a hidden $20 in a wallet for just-in-case, Nelson explores what we carry for comfort. She delves into the Mercury retrograde conundrum and examines the significance of kitchens as holy places. Beer runs through it. There will be coffee. Join Nelson, author of the memoir, This Is How We Leave, in this humorous and heartfelt journey through life’s often-ignored quiet moments. Ignored until, plate of cookies in hand, they come begging for a chat. All the while, the kids move out, the house gets put up for sale, and loved ones age.

My Review
Turning the last page on Nelson’s new work of art makes me feel like I have to read it again, so I start backward, meandering through the wake of time, bobbing in the waves of noticing the look in the dog’s eyes, the person I would have been if I could have stayed the whole week at the retreat house, and how my grandmother’s neck got transplanted on to mine. At times I wondered if I was reading my own mind, recalling the bop upside the head in miscreant childhood, sneaking off to smoke, closing the door after thirty years—exactly thirty years—raising my kids in the same house and wondering if the next occupant could possibly appreciate it as much as I. “Perception is everything.”

Peppered with gusto and sagacity like “Don’t get too excited, you’ll only be disappointed,” and “You’ll never know when you need a train ticket,” from Grandma’s change collection, each memory is undergirded by a strong sense of family. There’s jealousy over the humorous but poignant extra sibling—a cool bottle of beer that went everywhere with the folks, the perfect alignment of suddenly realizing all you’ll miss when you move but also the relief of knowing you won’t miss it that much. Neglected gods is a euphemism, Nelson writes, a perception wrapped in a glass of wine or humming.
My Neglected Gods is one of those lyric little books filled with bites of encouragement for any moment. It’s a book of stories to fit everyone; a book you’ll want to savor, then pull out again at an odd moment, maybe in the middle of cleaning or during a pop-up rain while you’re weeding the garden.
About the Author
Joanne Nelson is the author of the memoir, This Is How We Leave. Her writing appears in numerous journals and anthologies. She won the Hal Prize in nonfiction, as well as other literary awards, and has contributed to Lake Effect on Milwaukee’s NPR station. Nelson lives in Hartland, Wisconsin, where she teaches at the university level and leads community programs. She gives presentations on mindfulness and writing, creativity, and the second half of life. Nelson holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars, an MSSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a certified meditation instructor. More information is available at wakeupthewriterwithin.com

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Write Now Literary presents David Yuen

Write Now Literary is pleased to organize a two-week book tour and Amazon gift card giveaway for This Too Shall Pass by David Yuen. The book tour will run from July 17-28th, 2023. 

ISBN: 979-8218186210 
Genre: Christian. Poems, Prose & Essays

Meet The Author


Born and raised in NJ as a second-generation Chinese American, David Yuen received a B.A. from Rutgers University and has been writing poetry along with other writing styles for over twenty years. His works have appeared in other publications including Poetry East and Romantics Quarterly.   

About The Book

Life is a gift. A fleeting, complicated, painful gift. Life holds death, it holds struggle with God, and it holds precious relationships we easily take for granted. And with every event that threatens life as we know it, our perspective on it changes, whether it’s a pandemic, a shift in politics, the tragedy of war, or personal loss. This Too Shall Pass is an exploration of life—sorrowful, mysterious, funny, and beautiful—through a collection of poems, prose, memoir, and commentary written from a mostly Christian perspective. Life is no small thing. Life is no easy thing. Life is uncertain. But one thing is certain about life: it’s miraculous.










Tuesday, July 4, 2023

New Novel for road cycling enthusiasts


Tim Bishop’s love of real-life bicycle adventures shines true in this faith-based fictional tale of a man who’s hit bottom in more ways than one and needs a miracle to save not only his own life, but that of a man he’s just met. Persistence goes both ways for Douglas and the Lord of life who stands knocking at every turn in this heart-pounding ride.

Lisa Lickel, author of UnderStory and UnderCut



The Persistent Road

Tim Bishop
Contemporary Christian Fiction, Adventure
Open Road Press, June 20, 2023
368 pp print
$2.99 Kindle
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About the Book

The Persistent Road
There’s always an escape.
Sometimes you need to search long
and hard for the right one.
After losing all he once cherished, Doug Zimmer follows his wife’s parting bread crumbs and rides up the Pacific coast—on a bicycle. Armed with a revolver and only a vague plan to get through the months ahead, he aims to end his depression one way or the other.

As spiritual forces wrangle for his soul, he pedals eastward across America. He meets Lauren Baumgartner—a younger adventurer with a vibrant spirit—and a band of zealots who confront his aversion to religion. Accompanying Doug are not only sunny days and the beauty of nature but also the perils of the road, fellow travelers with their own stories, and the hollow silence of solitary campsites playing host to unseen creatures of the night.

A jarring episode on a climb through a treacherous pass brings Doug face-to-face with life and death. Will Doug’s adventure deliver him from loneliness and lament . . . or hurtle him to an abrupt end?

My Review

Tim Bishop’s love of real-life bicycle adventures shines true in this faith-based fictional tale of a man who’s hit bottom in more ways than one and needs a miracle to save not only his own life, but that of a man he’s just met. Persistence goes both ways for Douglas and the Lord of life who stands knocking at every turn in this heart-pounding ride.

A double knock-out punch hits salesman Douglas Zimmerman right in the gut with the loss of his job to a slimy colleague and his wife to cancer. Doug’s wife, however, bequeathed a gift better than this brief moment of humanity on planet Earth. Completely down and out, after a few months drowning in sorrow, Doug decides to follow Ruth’s scavenger hunt, never dreaming the prize was his soul…and a secret only his sister knew. 

Douglas set off on a bicycle ride north from his home in Los Angeles, directed by notes his late wife had written to him, leading him on a journey of rediscovery, initially of their deepest intimate moments, and later, one of self-discovery meant to challenge his beliefs…or lack thereof. He soon crosses paths with both religious nuts and exercise fanatics, and kooks, do-gooders, and reckless sorts as he rides across the mountains on his way east. He’s sure he wants nothing to do with the religious nuts, even when he’s bothered by deep questions that force him to contradict his loosely held morality, or especially when they make him ponder his fate while trying to hand out charity. Others on a similar path ride in and out of his life, dispensing advice both wanted and unwanted. Lauren, however, with her na├»ve outlook and innocent bicycling style, connects with him more often than not in ways that he both longs for and wants to avoid. When she introduces a new fellow rider, he’s not sure what to think of the man who boasts of riding 300 miles a day just to stay in shape. 

On a particularly dangerous leg of mountain roads, tragedy forces Doug to look himself in the heart and not like what he sees and feels. He makes a risky move to save his new friends while finally admitting the hypocrisy he’s been living. How could anyone accept or love what he sees in the mirror? 

Told through Douglas’s eyes, Bishop creates a nice parallel story of both running from and seeking wholeness and healing through the only way to salvation in the person of Jesus, the persistent lover of our souls. It’s a lengthy book, and Bishop has a hard time moving past his nonfiction habits of sharing a lot of minutiae and details of life on the road such as he shared in his previous works. The real adventure begins several chapters in with lovely imagery, and some harrowing adventures, and a vast amount of soul-searching. Recommended for those who love inspirational adventure tales with satisfying conclusions. Discussion guide included.

About the Author

After a thirty-year career in business, Tim Bishop left his corporate treasurer position, married his dream

girl, and embarked with her to parts unknown—on bicycles. Ten thousand miles later, the first-time newlyweds have written four books about their cycling adventures. Their devotional, Wheels of Wisdom, won four first-place book awards. Publishers Weekly dubbed it “a road map for life.” Tim volunteers as a coach for a ministry that reaches people who are dealing with challenging life issues. He has written numerous articles for various Christian content providers and has been a part of three church plants. These faith experiences have given him an evangelist’s heart to reach people in creative ways. A graduate of the University of Maine, a CPA, and a three-time Maine chess champion, Tim and his wife, Debbie, live in Middle Tennessee. Connect with him at TimBishopWrites.com.

Friday, June 30, 2023

New Humorous collection from Greg Peck


Snakes, Squirrels & Bears, Oh My! Finding Humor Amid Life's Frustrations
Greg Peck
Essay, Humor
CK Books, April, 2023
Paperback: $13.95, 178 pp
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About the Book:
Life can be full of frustrations. These might not happen daily, but then again, something frustrating might block your path to bliss more than once in a single day. Finding ways to make light of these annoyances, mining the nuggets of humor in these situations, can file the edge off these trouble spots and keep your life from going off the rails. Ride along as retired journalist Greg Peck recounts examples in a life filled with irritations and pratfalls on the road and in the wild but especially at home.

My Review:
We all have moments when we feel caught in a giant spiral spinning daily events out of our control. How we react is what character is all about. Greg Peck is quite a character! From keeping a frozen snake in his mom’s refrigerator for show and tell, to the squirrel in the living room, to encounters with bears on various hiking and fishing trips, Peck’s humorous essays are a peek into the foibles of contemporary life.

Peck pokes fun at long-time friends and gets as good as he gives when his grandson’s car seat buckles nearly defeat him, and his kids try to help swap sim cards in phones. A dream of owning a fishing boat has unintended consequences. Through all the remodeling, vacations, pet tales, grocery shopping hell, and wisdom of babes, Peck’s 46 tales will resonate with each reader. Recommended for readers of short story personal humor.

About the Author:
Greg Peck spent his career working for three Wisconsin newspapers and won numerous journalism awards. He’s a longtime member and former board member of the Wisconsin Writers Association and in 2017 won the association’s Jade Ring for nonfiction. His previous nonfiction books: Death Beyond the Willows, How a Wedding Day Turned Tragic in America’s Heartland, (2005, republished in 2013) and Memories of Marshall, Ups and Downs of Growing Up in a Small Town (2020).

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Last Day for Daily and June Kindle Deals

The end of June is here

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Good through the 30th $1.99 Kindle books

From Pelican Book Group Authors


Settlers' Hope: An Oregon Trail Historical Romance (Western Dreams) :: 
Bailey, Kathleen D.


Ruby Dawn (Shades of Hope Book 2) :: Byrnes, Raquel



Surviving Haley :: Baker, Brenda


Dance of Life :: Blythe, Barbara


Ransom for Many :: Blythe, Barbara


Whitney's Vow :: Baganz, Susan M.