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Welcome back Crystal from Time Counselor Chronicles

Today, I’m talking with Crystal Stuart, a TEMCO lab technician, from Danele Rotharmel’s new book, Time Search. Time Search is the third book in The Time Counselor Chronicles. Crystal, it’s nice talking with you again. I enjoyed our last interview in September.

I enjoyed chatting with you too, Lisa! Thank you so much for having me again!

It’s a pleasure, Crystal. Last time we spoke, you admitted that you had a crush on Marc Kerry, a professional time surfer. How is that going?

Frankly, like a lead balloon! It’s a big, fat, fizzling FAILURE!!! I know that you said Marc liked me, but I’m afraid you were wrong!

Are you sure about that?

TOTALLY sure! Today, Zeke assigned Marc to be my field partner, and Marc practically hit the roof. You should’ve heard the insulting things that Marc said about me! I know I can be a klutz, but Marc practically said that I was a galumphing camel with two left feet! I’m still angry about it! I had to leave the room in order to cool off, so I thought this would be a good chance for you and I to talk.

I’m glad you popped in to see me, but I’m sorry things aren’t going well between you and Marc.

Me too!!! Marc Kerry is an insufferable prig! I don’t care how cute he happens to be! In my opinion, he’s a real JERK! After I finish talking with you, I’m going back to NSU and confront him. He’d better be prepared to apologize BIG TIME!!!! He thinks he’s God’s ultimate gift to woman, but I’m one woman who doesn’t think he’s all that special! I called him a narcissist once, but that description was way too benign!

I know you’re angry with Marc, but if you’ll be honest, you still like him—don’t you?

LIKE HIM??? Are you serious? He’s a—

Come on, Crystal—be honest.

(Long pause) Okay, maybe I do like him. But just a little bit—a very, teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, microscopically small, little bit. (Chuckles) Lisa, Marc gets on my very last nerve, but when he smiles, I melt into a gooey, mushy puddle. (Sighs) He’s such a dreamboat. (Sits up straight and glares) But don’t you DARE tell him that! 

I wouldn’t dream of it, Crystal.

Good! I consider you a friend, and I’d hate to strike your name off my Christmas card list!

Your secret is safe with me. Now, Crystal, besides your tiff with Marc, how are you doing? I’ve heard you’ve been having nightmares.

You’d have nightmares too if a maniac whacked you on the head, locked you inside a flaming building, and left you to burn to death. (Shudders) I’m not sure when I last had a good night’s rest. And what’s worse is that besides the nightmares, I’ve started sleepwalking. When I was a little girl, I began sleepwalking after my father’s death. One time, I walked all the way to the bus station and tried to buy a ticket to my grandparents’ farm. My sleepwalking eventually cleared up, but the stress of what’s happening with Drake has started it up again. I’ll be lucky if I don’t end up sleepwalking down the middle of a busy street!

That’s awful! Have you told Zeke or Marc?

Zeke knows about my nightmares, but not about the sleepwalking. And as far as Marc, the LAST thing I need is for him to know any more of my quirks. He already thinks I’m weird—I don’t want to confirm it.

Hopefully, your nightmares will stop once Drake is caught. How is the hunt going?

(Huffs) Frustratingly slow!!! We know that Drake is using an alias, and we know that he’s angry with TEMCO because one of our counselors told his girlfriend to break up with him, but that’s ALL we know! TEMCO has counseled thousands of girls—trying to find one who’s connected with Drake is proving to be a monumental task—especially since we don’t know Drake’s real name!

When I interviewed Drake, he said that he’d given you all of the clues you needed to uncover his identity.

I don’t doubt it! Drake thinks he’s smarter than all of us put together. I know he’s laughing at our inability to solve his clues. But I’m not giving up! After what he did to Phoebe, he deserves to be nailed right to the wall! We’re going to catch him! And when we do, I’m going to make him pay!

By the way, how is Phoebe?

Oh, Lisa! I wish I knew. I’ve heard that she’s been taken someplace safe and that she’s recovering, but that’s all I know… I guess that’s good, though. Her safety depends on Drake being ignorant of her whereabouts. If he gets his hands on me, I don’t want to be able to squeal. Sometimes ignorance is bliss—FRUSTRATING bliss—but bliss all the same.

Do you know the location of TEMCO’s leaders?

Are you kidding??? Drake wants them all dead. They’ve been placed in protective custody until things clear up. Their location is TOP SECRET!!! Emphasis on T-O-P!

I’m sure that Dan and Gil aren’t very happy about the protective custody!

(Laughs) You can say that again! Gil is probably climbing the walls right now! She can’t stand to be on the sidelines, and Dan is SUPER protective of the TEMCO team. Hopefully, their new baby will keep them busy enough that their inactivity won’t drive them too crazy.

Have you seen the baby? Is he cute?

Oooooo!!!! Baby Jay is cuter than cute! He’s such a little love bug! I can’t wait until Dan and Gil are back in town. I’m going to beg Gil to let me babysit!

How about Peter and Laura? Any news on how they’re doing?

Only a bit. As you know, they managed to escape from Drake’s trap, but Peter was injured in the process…  Actually, he almost died. I’ve heard they’re doing well, but communication is sketchy at best.

What about Zeke and Nicole? How’s their romance shaping up?

Oh, Lisa! Watching Zeke when he’s around Nicole is SUCH A HOOT! He’s been alone for so long that he can’t believe his luck! Half the time he walks around with his chest puffed out like superman, and the other half of the time he walks around with a stunned expression on his face. And Nicole is just as bad. She’s ultra-sophisticated, but when she’s around Zeke, the sophistication gets dialed down until she’s just a simple girl who’s totally in love. Sometimes being in the same room with them is like being knee-deep in pink cotton candy and sticky, sweet syrup. But I love it! I’m so glad that Zeke is finally happy! He sure deserves it! And Nicole is a blast! Even though we’ve just met, I’m sure that we’re going to be best friends. 

I’m glad!

Me too!... Yikes!!! Gracious, will you look at the time? I’m afraid that I have to run. With Drake on the warpath, it’s all hands on deck at TEMCO. Thanks for interviewing me, Lisa! I enjoyed it…and it’s given me a chance to cool off. Thanks to you, I may be able to speak to Marc without biting his head off—but I’m still expecting him to give me a good apology!

I’m sure that he will, Crystal. I wasn’t joking when I said that he likes you.

Well, if Marc likes me, he has an awfully funny way of showing it! Sheesh! He’s supposed to be SUPER charismatic, but in my opinion, it’s not very charming to tell a person they’re a rampaging klutz! If his apology isn’t extra special, he’d better watch out! I know karate, and I’m not afraid to use it!  

(Laughs) You’ll have to keep me posted on what happens. I hope you have a wonderful day, Crystal! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anytime! See you later!    

About the Book - Time Search
The Time Counselor Chronicles #3

A nameless evil lurks in the shadows…

In the wake of a recent wave of violence, TEMCO employees are left reeling. While some of the staff are put into hiding, others are left behind to discover the true identity of the mysterious nemesis who is determined to destroy them all. While Crystal, Marc, and Zeke search for clues to unravel the mystery of his real name, their enemy is lurking in the shadows searching for TEMCO’s missing leaders. It’s a race against the clock! And as the hours and seconds tick away, it’s anyone’s guess whose search will be completed first. It’s a classic battle of good versus evil, and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

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About Danele Rotharmel

Danele RotharmelDanele Rotharmel grew up with a love of the literary word, and by age five, she knew she wanted to be a writer. However, her life took an unexpected turn when a mysterious illness brought her close to death. Eventually, she learned that a low-level carbon monoxide leak from a faulty furnace in her home was slowly poisoning her. This poisoning triggered severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and partial amnesia.

During this time, the hardest thing she faced was a crisis of faith. She had to quit her job and stop going to church. She couldn’t write, couldn’t drive, and could barely remember who she was. To say she was upset with the Lord was an understatement. She began reexamining her faith in light of her illness, and eventually, she came to the firm conclusion that God is real, God is good, God is interested and involved, and God is trustworthy regardless of tragedy.

When her illness became even more severe, she was put into quarantine and could only talk to friends and extended family through the glass of a window. This quarantine lasted for seven years. During this time, she wrote the first six books in The Time Counselor Chronicles.

Danele currently lives in Colorado where she continues to write. Although her journey back to health was long and difficult, it provided her with the opportunity to grow closer to God and to write her books. For that, she is forever thankful.

You can learn more about Danele by visiting her blog at https://dragonflydanele.wordpress.com/


  1. Thank you so much for having me, Lisa! I’ve had such a great time working with you! I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed being on your website! And for those of you who are following “Time Search’s” blog tour, DANELE’S 20th MYSTERY WORD is SUSPENSE!

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  2. I love character interviews! This tour has been FABULOUS! Danele, I'm so excited for you! ((((HUGS)))))

    1. Dear Caryl, I love character interviews too! I think they're such a blast! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this blog tour! Thank you for all of your encouragement and support! I really appreciate all of your kind words! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    2. Crystal is such a hoot. Thanks for stopping in, Caryl.

  3. This has been such a fun book tour! And this interview has me laughing!!!! Thanks for a fun time, and praying that many will read your books and be blessed! Excited for the next one to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dear Becky, I'm so glad that you enjoyed this book tour! I'm also glad that Crystal's interview made you laugh. I have to admit that I was giggling like crazy when I wrote Crystal's answers. I think she's such a fun character, and I'm glad that you agree. Thank you for all of your kind words and well wishes. I'm glad that you are looking forward to the fourth book in the series, "Time Awakening." Thanks again for commenting, and thanks for being so kind!

    2. Thanks for reading and touring, Becky. I'm with you, waiting for the next book. Of course this should give Danele plenty of time to write more in the series, right?