Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Meet Villainous Drake from Time Search by Danele Rotharmel

Today, I’m talking with Drake Procerus from Danele Rotharmel’s new book, Time Search. Time Search is the third book in The Time Counselor Chronicles. Drake, it’s nice to meet you.

Thank you, Lisa. It’s nice to be here. I’m anxious to tell my side of the story.

Good. That’s what I’d like you to do. As the villain of Time Search, how do—

Villain? You think I’m the villain?

Drake, please sit back down.

I’m not a villain! It’s lies! All lies! The villains are those stupid TEMCO employees! They destroy people’s lives and then congratulate themselves on their success! They’re the ones who need stopped! They’re the—

Drake, I asked you to sit down.

(Long pause)(Smiles) Of course. I’m sorry, Lisa.

Take your hand out of your pocket! If you pull a knife, security will be here in a flat second.

Smart, aren’t you? But not smart enough to have security frisk me before this interview.

Drake! I’m warning—

Don’t worry. I’m here to talk—not play. (Slowly removes his hand from his pocket.)

Thank you. That’s better. Now, can you tell me why you’re so angry with TEMCO?

Didn’t those stupid TEMCO clones tell you?

I’d like to hear your side. That’s why you’re here.

In that case, I had one good person in my life. One! And those TEMCO “heroes” took her from me! She was everything—everything—to me, and after they “time counseled” her, she never spoke to me again. They destroyed my life when they brainwashed her!

Are you referring to your ex-girlfriend? Who was she? What was her name?

Are you trying to pump me for information? Did Crystal Stuart put you up to this? Or was it Zeke Masters? Are you working for them?

I’m simply conducting an interview. An interview in which you agreed to participate.

Like fun, you are! You’re a TEMCO spy—and not even a convincing one! If TEMCO wants to find out the name of my girl, and if they want to know who I am, they’ll just have to figure it out for themselves. I’ve provided them with all the necessary clues. They’re just too stupid to put the pieces together. They deserve what’s headed their way. They’re morons!

Crystal’s not a moron.

No… She’s not. (Pauses) She’s a problem… Luckily, I know how to deal with problems.

Are you threatening Crystal’s safety?

(Smiles) I’m just talking. Friendly-like. No need to get worried.

You’re eyes look strange. They have a silver gleam.

(Chuckles) It’s just the lighting. You need different bulbs. No need to worry. Ask your next question.

Why did you kidnap Phoebe?

Precious Phoebe was just a stupid squirrel in the road. If a squirrel gets on the highway, it deserves to be flattened. I needed bait, and she made herself so available. What happened to Phoebe was her own fault.

But she escaped, didn’t she? She defeated you…. Drake! I told you to stay seated!

What do you know about Phoebe? Do you know where she went? Tell me where she is! Tell me now!

Drake, put down that knife! Security! Security!

(Sounds of a door being flung open. Running footsteps… Sounds of a scuffle… Shouts… Glass breaking… More people enter the room.)

Ms. Lickel, I’m Agent Ruthford. Are you okay? Where’s Drake?

I’m fine. Drake broke the window and escaped through it. He ran down the street toward the left. One of the security guards went after him. You may be able to catch him if you hurry!

(Running footsteps. Door slams. More shouts.)

Readers, I’m sorry that we have to cut this interview short. But I’m afraid that Drake has left the building. I’m also afraid that he’ll never be let back inside of it!

About the Book - Time Search
The Time Counselor Chronicles #3

A nameless evil lurks in the shadows…

In the wake of a recent wave of violence, TEMCO employees are left reeling. While some of the staff are put into hiding, others are left behind to discover the true identity of the mysterious nemesis who is determined to destroy them all. While Crystal, Marc, and Zeke search for clues to unravel the mystery of his real name, their enemy is lurking in the shadows searching for TEMCO’s missing leaders. It’s a race against the clock! And as the hours and seconds tick away, it’s anyone’s guess whose search will be completed first. It’s a classic battle of good versus evil, and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

Print - $16.99
Ebook - $4.99

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About Danele Rotharmel

Danele RotharmelDanele Rotharmel grew up with a love of the literary word, and by age five, she knew she wanted to be a writer. However, her life took an unexpected turn when a mysterious illness brought her close to death. Eventually, she learned that a low-level carbon monoxide leak from a faulty furnace in her home was slowly poisoning her. This poisoning triggered severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and partial amnesia.

During this time, the hardest thing she faced was a crisis of faith. She had to quit her job and stop going to church. She couldn’t write, couldn’t drive, and could barely remember who she was. To say she was upset with the Lord was an understatement. She began reexamining her faith in light of her illness, and eventually, she came to the firm conclusion that God is real, God is good, God is interested and involved, and God is trustworthy regardless of tragedy.

When her illness became even more severe, she was put into quarantine and could only talk to friends and extended family through the glass of a window. This quarantine lasted for seven years. During this time, she wrote the first six books in The Time Counselor Chronicles.

Danele currently lives in Colorado where she continues to write. Although her journey back to health was long and difficult, it provided her with the opportunity to grow closer to God and to write her books. For that, she is forever thankful.

You can learn more about Danele by visiting her blog at https://dragonflydanele.wordpress.com/


  1. Thank you so much for having me, Lisa! I had such a BLAST with Drake’s interview! Thanks for being such a great sport! This article was tons of fun!!! And for those of you who are following “Time Search’s” blog tour, DANELE’S 9th MYSTERY WORD is CINDERELLA!

  2. What a fun interview! I like how Lisa couldn't get Drake to reveal anything, so people will have to read the series to find the answers. Drake is an extremely scary character!

    1. Dear Becky, this interview was SO MUCH FUN!!! I had such a blast trying to figure out what Drake would say and how he would react. I appreciate Lisa's willingness to play along. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this interview too! Thanks so much for commenting! I hope you have a really great day! (By the way, I think Drake is pretty scary too--he makes me shiver!)

    2. Drake really knows how to sidestep the issues!

    3. NO KIDDING he sidesteps everything!

    4. Dear Robin, I'm so glad that you are enjoying my characters! I'm also glad that you enjoyed this interview!

  3. Interesting interview. I'm wondering which is more fun to create: heroes or villains?

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed Drake's interview, Carlene! As far as which is more fun to create--heroes or villains--I suppose that depends on the day and on my mood. I love creating my heroes, but there is something compelling about creating a complex villain too. I've tried to make Drake creepy and awful, but I've also given him a backstory that can help explain where he went wrong and why he turned evil. I enjoy creating all of my characters because I love figuring out what makes them tick. I try hard to make them as realistic as possible. I try to give them flaws and admirable characteristics. I try to make them LIVE. Thanks so much for commenting, Carlene! I hope you have a great day!

    2. I love that question. It's not an easy task to create someone without needing to explain all about him or her in the story. Feeling like you're just meeting someone for the first time makes the story tick.

  4. I reading the book now. Drake is a demon. I don't know how Danele manages to imagine such evil. She's really a nice, Godly woman, but boy! Does she ever make Drake a guy you never want to meet.

    1. Oh, Gay! You make me smile! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! I'm so glad that I've been able to create a horrible villain that makes you shiver. I hope you enjoy every minute of Time Search! Thank you so much for commenting! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Danele, love the way you stayed in character. Awesome job. Your isolation is Darkes demons for sure, so glad your better and Pray you continue to heal completely.neat interview!

    1. Dear Renette, I have to admit that this interview was lots of fun! I have such a great time pretending to be my characters. Lisa was such a great sport to play along! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! My health continues to improve, and I know that someday I will be able to say that I am completely well! Thank you so much for all of your kindness! I hope you have a lovely day!

  6. What a fun interview! Drake is a slippery character. I can't wait to read more about him.

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this interview, Caryl! I will admit that I had fun pretending to be Drake. Lisa was such a great sport to play along! During this blog tour, Lisa will also be interviewing my characters Andrew and Crystal. I think that character interviews are a BLAST! I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for commenting!