Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Amanda Stephan, romance writer, on the John 316 Marketing summer tour

Meet Amanda Stephan

Amanda Stephan is a Christian romance author and homeschooling mother. Her first novel, The Price of Trust, was released in May of 2010, and her second novel, Lonely Hearts, will be released in October, 2011. She loves to write in different genres, all with a Christian world view. After Lonely Hearts is released and she's able to breathe again, she'll be polishing up her next novel which is so large, she decided to turn it into a series.

The Price of Trust - Christian Romance/Suspense
Beaten and betrayed by the one who was supposed to love her, Carly Richards is on the run. Forced to live as a fugitive as he stalks her across country, she finds refuge in a small town in Montana. Her emotional scars are reluctant to heal, and Carly resists the friendliness of those around her ~ especially handsome farmer and eligible bachelor Joe Baird.

Caught in the circumstances, the kind people around her begin to creep into her softening heart. God is at work, and she has to trust Him not only to take care of her, but care for the people she is learning to love.

Lonely Hearts - Sweet Christian Romance
One lonely mother. Two matchmaking kids. Three eligible bachelors. What could possibly go wrong?

Becky Callis is the widowed mother of two. When they move to a new town, she only intended it to be a safe haven where she didn't have to be reminded of her late husband. Her children had other plans.
~*~ releases October 2011 ~*~

You can read the first three chapters of The Price of Trust as well as the first chapter of Lonely Hearts HERE!

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you can find The Price of Trust at Amazon.com, Amanda's website The Price of Trust , or Christianbook.com

Amanda says:

I've always loved to write. Many times in my childhood, if I couldn't find a book to read, I would write my own and hide it away for future perusal. Yes, I still have quite a few of my stories hidden away in our attic! But The Price of Trust I wrote for a specific reason. It's a love letter to my children so they could know that they're worth so much more than abuse and they should never settle for it in their futures. I love The Price of Trust, because it's my first venture out of my comfort zone, and I've learned a lot during this journey.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, my Facebook Fan Page, my Website, and The Christian Indie Authors site, as well as a slew of other places I like to frequent.


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