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Book Review: The Discovery by Dan Walsh

Product Details

The Discovery
By Dan Walsh
Contemporary romance
Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group
April 2012
ISBN: 9780800719814

The best of contemporary and historical blend

Michael Warner’s family history goes no further back than famous author grandfather Gerard Warner. That fact never bothered Michael until his sister, Marilyn, makes a scene at the reading of Gramps’ will.

Then he was exasperated. When Gramps’ literary agent offers a ghost-written book deal for an exclusive biography, Michael gets nervous. He’d grown up both loving and in awe of Gramps, and it seems disrespectful trying to pry information out of the grave. Marilyn says their grandfather promised the secret of their family tree would come out after his death. But do they really want to know?

Michael’s bride, Jenn, suggests he use their inherited wealth and new home in Charleston, Gramps’ estate, to look around, see if there isn’t something he can find about the family while she’s away packing up their Florida apartment. Michael doesn’t need much encouragement and not long after he discovers Gramps’ typewriter case is more than what it appears. Gerard Warner’s life and reputation is left in Michael’s hands. Will he do the right thing?

The Discovery reveals a little-discussed, little-known case of espionage and terrorism in the United States during World War II. Mind-control, loyalty, fear, espionage and collusion would win Hitler new territory, or fail the Third Reich. But which part did Gerard Warner take? Hero to the Reich, or Hero to the US? And why?

An Impossible Love, Gramps’ last unpublished manuscript, can either bond the family or ruin the beloved image of long-time internationally-best-selling author, along with Michael’s dreams and desires to follow in his beloved Grandfather’s writing footsteps.

This is my favorite book of Dan Walsh’s. His style has matured to the point where he can wrap his readers in a soft old comforter and set us in front of a fire and weave a mesmerizing tale of the love of a good woman able to turn the world on an edge. Walsh has become comfortable in his ability to let his characters speak for themselves, even when they’re telling someone else’s story. “Say you’re going to make something of your life. Do something meaningful. Cure some disease. Break some work record. But don’t do it as Ben Coleman or Gerhard…whatever your last name is.”

Good advice for anyone in any age. Walsh is always spot-on with research and life during the era. This book felt less like a report and let us live his characters and their discoveries. Both a contemporary love story and historical, Walsh blends today and yesterday in luscious southern charm.

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This post originally appeared on Bookshelf on Tilt

Meet Marcia Lacock, author of newly-released novel A Tumbled Stone
Posted on April 25, 2012

Katherine was thrilled to introduce her readers to Marcia Laycock, winner of the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for her novel, One Smooth Stone. As her newest book, A Tumbled Stone is released, she took the opportunity to ask her a few questions.


Katherine: Marcia, both of your books examine a major contemporary cultural issue. One side of the issue calls it “A woman’s right to choose.” The other side of the issue calls it “The human right to life.” It is a prickly subject both politically and socially. Why do you want to write about this subject?

I believe this subject is close to the heart of God. He is always concerned about those who cannot speak for themselves or defend themselves. An unborn child is the epitome of this demographic. Unfortunately it is a subject that is too often swept under the rug, to use a cliché, and the innocent continue to suffer. I also wanted people to try to understand the stresses and difficulties a person with an unwanted pregnancy feels. I hope that after reading A Tumbled Stone the reader will have more compassion for these women.

Katherine: How did you come to be a writer?

Marcia: I started writing short stories and poems for my dolls. They didn’t complain so I kept it up. Then my aunt gave me a copy of Emily of New Moon for my eleventh birthday. I discovered you could call yourself a writer and determined that someday that’s what I’d be. It took many years but I published my first short story in 1990 and began writing articles for a local paper about that same time. I self published a compilation of my column in 2002 (a second edition was recently released), a second devotional book in 2005 and then my novel, One Smooth Stone won me the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award and was published. The sequel, A Tumbled Stone was just released by Word Alive Press.

Katherine: Tell us how you come up with characters. 

Marcia: Characters often grow out of something I hear or see. For instance, the main character in One Smooth Stone developed after a woman asked me a profound question – “Can you imagine what it would be like for someone to discover that his mother had tried to abort him?” I did imagine and the character of Alex Donnelly emerged. He’s very much a composite of many people I knew while living in the Yukon, in Canada’s western Arctic.

Andrea, the main character in A Tumbled Stone, developed slowly as the book unfolded. She too is a composite of many people I’ve known, young women in search of their own identities who struggle to make the right choices in their lives.

Katherine: Where do you write?

Marcia: I share an office in our home with my husband who is a pastor. We’re church planting right now, so we don’t have a church building where my husband would ordinarily go to work each day. It’s been an interesting adjustment and a challenge for us both as we sit back to back at our computers.

Katherine: What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of, writing-related or not?

Marcia: I’m probably most proud and humbled of the fact that my husband and I, in spite of all our flaws somehow managed to raise three wonderful daughters who are a joy to us in many ways. God’s grace is evident in their lives and I’m very thankful for them. There was a time when I believed I would never have children (see my website for the story) so to have three beautiful daughters and now two great sons-in-law continues to amaze me.

Katherine: In your opinion, what is the greatest danger or pitfall in the life of a writer?

Marcia: Believing that it’s your talent that changes lives. I’ve had many people tell me amazing stories about how something I wrote changed them in some way. It’s important to remember that only God can do that. He uses our words to affect His purposes. We’re just being obedient in putting the words on paper. It’s an incredible privilege and blessing to be used in that way.

Katherine: Why did you choose to write this book?

Marcia: To be honest, initially it was because I had to write a sequel! But then as the book and the main character began to take shape in my head I got excited about what I could do with it. I wanted to write a book about a young woman struggling with an unwanted pregnancy and this gave me the opportunity.

Katherine: What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

Marcia: That writing is a ministry. It’s a hidden ministry that takes hours of sitting in a room alone but the end result can be lives changed for Christ.

Katherine: Tell me a little about A Tumbled Stone.

Marcia: Andrea Calvert had to run away. She couldn’t stay on the farm, shaming her parents. She couldn’t face being pregnant and alone. She would take care of this on her own. As she struggles to make life-changing decisions, Andrea discovers a diary and the wrenching story about her family’s dysfunction.

Katherine: How does this book minister to readers?

Marcia: I hope A Tumbled Stone will prove to be a healing book both to those who may have had an abortion or are considering one, as well as to those who feel passionately about this topic. I hope the readers will come to a deeper understanding of God’s grace and mercy that is extended to all of us.

Katherine: If I met you in an airport where we shared coffee over a table in a crowded food court, what would you want me to remember about you as we hurried to our separate gates to board our flights?

Marcia: I guess I would hope that you would remember me as a gracious person willing to listen and understand.

+ + +
The more I learn about the author of A Tumbled Stone the more I see the way scripture shapes her work. Marci’s favorite scripture is “Let us consider therefore how we may spur one another on to love and good deeds.” (Hebrew 10:24) This verse inspired the name of her blog and much of the direction of her books.

Learn more about Marcia at her website or email her at

View the book trailer for One Smooth Stone:

You can purchase Marcia’s books at or go to where you can also purchase any of her books.

Read other Interviews here:

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Free Kindle Book: Moses, Steps to a Life of Faith

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Moses, Steps to a Life of Faith 
by  Bob Saffrin

...traces Moses' life showing how God used an ordinary man and shaped the events of his life to bring him to the place where he could be mightily used to accomplish God's purposes. This book is about how God built faith into a man.

God is a dreamer. One day He had a dream and then He thought to Himself, "Who will I get to fulfill this dream?" And then He made you. He created you to fulfill a dream. You are made for a purpose. 

Moses, Steps to a Life of Faith, is about knowing God's dream for your life and believing Him to accomplish it in you. This could be the most exciting thing that's ever happened to you. To enter into God's plan for your life is to become the person He made you to be and to finally find the fulfillment and joy that you have been seeking your whole life.

MOSES, Steps to a Life of Faith 
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~Bob Saffrin

About the Author:
Bob Saffrin lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Barb, his wife of 45 years and their beagle Rocky.  Bob and Barb have two children and four grandchildren. Bob loves the outdoors and has been on many backpacking trips in the rugged Boundary Waters area of Minnesota including winter camping. 
In his 20s, Bob began a fascination with the Bible.  After reading the New Testament several times and convinced that God had died on the cross to save him, Bob asked Jesus into his life and began a wonderful lifelong relationship.  His fascination with the Bible became a love for God and for his word. 

Bob has been teaching and preaching for over 35 years as a Bible teacher and pastor. He has also lead teams to India for short term missions trips for 10 years. Retired from pastoring now, Bob's passion now is to share the insights that God has given him over the years with a broader following using the written word.

Taste and See, A Sampling of First Chapters 

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A Visit With Diana Brandmeyer

Christian author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer writes historical and contemporary romances. She’s also written We’re Not Blended-We’re Pureed, A Survivor’s Guide to Blended Families. Once widowed and now remarried, she writes with humor and experience on the difficulty of joining two families.
Visit her blog
and Twitter @dianabrandmeyer

A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee

Heaven’s Stolen His Heart
After witnessing the ravages of the Civil War, Travis Logan vowed to give up doctoring. But when fellow steamboat passenger Caleb Wharton collapses at his feet, Travis knows he must lend his aid. As the old man lies dying, he makes Travis promise to take care of his land and find Heaven. Travis can’t help but wonder what Heaven has to do with a real place, so he heads to Caleb’s farm to fulfill his promise.

Weeks of facing marauders and caring for her father’s home have finally taken their toll on Heaven Wharton. When an unknown young man charges the house, Heaven attempts to fire a warning shot but ends up shooting the man instead. Shocked, she and her sister, Angel, drag a semi-conscious Travis into the house and nurse him back to health.

As Travis and Heaven both struggle to control their destinies, will they learn that only a heart that follows God can ever find peace on earth? - Book coming this spring.

We’re Not Blended, We’re Pureed A Survivor’s Guide to Blended Families
By Diana Lesire Brandmeyer and March C. Lintvedt

Can two families learn to cohabitate? In peace? Ever?

One widowed mom with two sons.
One widowed dad with one son.
Blend for 20 seconds until right consistency.
But hit the wrong button, and this family is not blended-we’re pureed!
Are you terrified that you’ve turned into a vision of the fairy-tale wicked stepparent?
Do you paste on a smile and pretend your family is a vision of 1950s Main Street America, while at home the battle lines are etched in the driveway and signed with the kid’s initials?
Don’t dismay. God is with you. This engaging, readable book is held together with humor, liberally peppered with informative commentary, and includes clinically sound information and proven communication tools. Find real-world advice to help you when your own words fail.

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Holy Humor, Batman!

April is Holy Humor Month 
By Deborah DeArmond
The month of April is in fact, the time set aside to celebrate a good chuckle, a guffaw or a hearty laugh as part of a faith-filled life. It’s Holy Humor Month!
The Bible is clear that God believes humor should be on the agenda as a healthy habit. Proverbs 17:22 NKJ “A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.”
The word “laugh” or “laughter” is mentioned in the Bible approximately 200 times. Much of that laughter falls into some categories that do not feed our hearts like medicine. Consider if you will:
  • The laugh of unbelief. Sarah, who laughs at the idea of having a child in her 90’s. (Gen 18:11-12, 15)
  • The laughter of a fool. God compares the laughter of a fool to the thorns afire beneath a pot – he is so foolish he laughs and doesn’t even see his end coming. (Ecc 7:6)
  • The laughter of derision. Often this is related to God’s amusement at the foolishness of man in spiritual things. (Ps 2:1-4, Prov 1:24-26)
  • But the fourth type of laughter is a healthy expression and brings to our lives richness, like medicine. He has given us many reasons to laugh! Here are a few good examples of why God’s people can have a good laugh:
  • Lack of fear. “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” (Prov 31:25 NLT)
  • Happiness and connection. “Laugh with your happy friends when they're happy; share tears when they're down.” (Rom 12:15 MSG)
  • Joy. “God will let you laugh again; you'll raise the roof with shouts of joy.”  (Job 8:21 MSG)
  • Relief. “Good people will watch and worship. They’ll laugh in relief.” (Ps 52:6 MSG)
  • God is acting on our behalf. “When the righteous see God in action they'll laugh, they'll sing, they'll laugh and sing for joy.” (Psalm 68:3 MSG)
  • Good fortune. “We laughed, we sang, we couldn't believe our good fortune. We were the talk of the nations—'God was wonderful to them!' ” (Ps 126:2 MSG)
  • It is a gift to God. “Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence.” (Ps 100:2 MSG)
  • There is a time for laughter, according to the Ecclesiastes 3:4 “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.”
In other words, while life here on this planet is no joke, there are times when laughter is appropriate, healthy and pleasing to God. 
So tune up those vocal chords and let loose a giggle or guffaw, a chortle or chuckle, a snicker, a snort or a shout. Let it fly and exclaim to the world the JOY of the Lord!
Bio: Deborah DeArmond is an experienced and sought-after coach, trainer and speaker, having worked with audiences at all levels. She has 30 years of expertise, training and teaching in the areas of relationship, communication and conflict resolution. Known for her dynamic style and ability to engage her audiences with a sense of fun along with her direct style, Deborah mixes creativity, humor, and insight and delivers her message on point every time.
Deborah is co-founder and featured author at, an online site for Christian women 50+. Additionally she is a featured author for two online magazines, Destiny in Bloom and Living Better at 50. She is a CLASSEMINARS, Inc. graduate.

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Israeli Anthology Selects American’s Poem

Los Angeles, CA--Carolyn Howard-Johnson's poem “Sympathizing with Tantalus” was published in Voices Israel 2012 poetry anthology.

Editor Johnmichael Simon says, “This promises to be one of our most diverse and exciting anthologies and contains more than 220 poems from Israel and overseas.” It also includes the winning entries of the 2011 Reuben Rose Competition and details for entering the 2012 competition. See our website . Voices will be released in June of 2012.
Voices is affiliated with Cross-Cultural Communications in New York; World Poetry, Vancouver; and University English in Israel.

Howard-Johnson has studied at UCLA with Suzanne Lummis, editor of Speechless the Magazine ( ) which featured her chapbook Tracings (Finishing Line Press). Her poem “Endangered Species” won the Franklin Christoph prize and her chapbooks have been honored by, The Compulsive Reader, and Military Writers Society of America.

She also coauthored the Celebration Series of chapbooks with Magdalena Ball. Find them at Here is an excerpt from the poem that combines the unfathomable beauty and complexity of the universe with the time-honored myth.

Science challenged, I manage
            with Achenbach's translations,
                        KC Cole's poetic file-folders
                                    for the cosmic-impaired.

Like Tantalus, I grapple
            fruit I desire beyond my reach.

Learn more about Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s creative work at

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Triumph Through Trial, Theresa Franklin's new novel

Triumph Through TrialBy Theresa Franklin

About the Story:
The stress of living a dream public persona and a nightmare private reality threatens to destroy a family unit, taking each member in its wake. Through a variety of physical and emotional weapons, one by one they will crumble.

Cynthia is beautiful, educated, secretary of the church, and happily married with wonderful children. She is an accomplished hostess and the picture of Christian love. She has the perfect marriage and life—well, not exactly perfect. Her husband, children, church members, and life in general seem to get in the way of her perfect life. Feeling robbed of the life she so richly deserves, Cynthia lashes out and her family pays the price.

Michael is successful, educated, and deacon of the church with wonderful children. Michael and his children have a close relationship. They count on him for advice, guidance, and unconditional love. Serving God is one of Michael’s greatest joys. He and his children delight in helping others. Michael loves every part of his life except for his marriage, which is stressful and unfulfilling to say the least.
Karen is the eldest child and bears the brunt of emotional destruction welded by her mother. Kevin is the only male offspring and uses humor and sarcasm as shields to protect himself. Kathy, the youngest, is sweet and seldom is a victim in the war, but lately watching the slow erosion of her family is taking a physical toll on her.

Michael longs for the marriage that Cynthia believes they have and dreams of providing a safe haven for their children. After twenty-five years of marriage, Michael is losing hope of his dream becoming reality. Can he match the public persona and the private reality? What will it cost to get that kind of marriage and home-life? Is it worth the cost? Who will pay the cost?

About Theresa:
Theresa Franklin grew up in Houston, Texas. After graduation she attended East Texas Baptist College. There she met her husband on a blind date. They married a short time later and moved outside of Beaumont, Texas where they raised their three children. 

Theresa taught school for 12 years. Students with disabilities won her heart and she became Director of Special Education in an effort to better serve them. She retired in 2010 and began writing children’s books. She has now broadened her skills and written for adults.

Theresa is the author of children’s books, Don’t Forget Daddy and A Sunny Tomorrow. Her adult books include non-fiction Journey to Fulfillment and fiction Triumph Through Trial.  She has written one curriculum guide for the novel Night of the Cossack, a historical fiction for young adults by Tom Blubaugh, titled Night of the Cossack, Lesson Plan. Soon to be released is another adult fiction titled Reflections of Rosalyn.

Theresa is now making plans to build a new house that will serve her and her husband for many years to come. She is looking forward to moving to her chosen community and becoming active in the local church. That won’t be possible until after her daughter’s wedding in June.

Theresa Franklin!/theres2franklin!/profile.php?id=100000359278111

Other Books
Journey to Fulfillment
Don't Forget Daddy
A Sunny Tomorrow

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Random Inspiration with FunMistress Shellie Neumeier

Random Inspiration with Shellie Neumeier

Mark Twain once told a reporter he loved taking notes during dinner parties. Notes not of business ventures, directions, or financial advice, but of stories, gossip, and banter. From real life came Twain's inspiration. I think we'd have gotten along famously.

I write young adult and tween fiction because those are the people I spend most of my time with. I listen to their conversations as I chauffeur them from practice to games to friends' houses. Their lives become animated in the stories they tell of their school days and overnights. If that isn't enough to inspire the most fantastical fiction, their imaginations are. Simply asking a ten year old what type of adventure they'd like to take or what world would they make, brings setting and plot inspiration in heaps.

Of course there's nothing like people watching to add creativity to one's characters. Last summer I spent four hours with a girl, no older than twenty, maybe twenty-two, as she tattooed my ankle. (That's a tale for another telling.) She talked about her gruff grandfather, a former naval officer, who thought colored tattoos where not of the same caliber as the old greenish ones. Her voice softened as she spoke of her mother and quickened when she mentioned her boyfriend. And the lack of any fatherly stories spoke volumes. She became the inspiration for a dystopian heroine in my current work in progress.

If all else fails, there's always the grocery store. So many characters, so many products with their miracle cures and what-if invoking promises that it would be hard not to find inspiration for someone, something, some adventure within. So where do I find the inspiration for my fiction? By watching and listening and asking questions. Or as my husband would say, "No one and nothing is safe from [my] writing."

1. What’s been a favorite work experience you’ve had so far in life?

Hands down, meeting other authors is the best experience writing has provided. Not only have I been able to rub elbows with folks I viewed as “writing rock stars,” but I’ve learned that authors are some of the quirkiest, sweetest, funniest, strangest people you’d ever love to meet. There’s never a dull conversation when talking to authors!

2. If you could do anything you want, what would it be?

Ooooh, anything?? Can I live at the spa and have other people clean my house while I read great works of literature (or chick lit, depends on the day)? No, wait. On second thought I’d rather spend a week on an island with my family and friends. How cool would that be, to bask in the sun, explore island cities, and play in the turquoise waters. Yup, that’s what I’d want to do.

3. What’s the most exotic place you’ve traveled?

Exotic might be an interesting adjective to describe Poland, but it is the most foreign community I ever visited. Especially considering the timing of my visit. The Iron Curtain held firm and stretched its shadow across the Polish borders. Everything from the people to the weather seemed grey and saddened.

4. What do you see outside the closest window right now?

The trees in my front yard are swaying in the breeze while two brown birds (type unknown) skitter through the overgrown grass. If I watch long enough, my neighbor’s dog will bounce about their front lawn. She’s a boxer and never seems to run or walk. She bounces.

5. What do you tell people when they ask “and what do you do?”

I tell them I’m a cashier at Walgreens. I am. I used to tell them I write, but that statement seemed to complicate things. They’d tell me about their latest writing projects or how their Aunt Bertha wrote a memoir and wants to get it published, did I know anyone who could help her **winks.** Sometimes they’d get super impressed and ask me what I’d written and where they could find copies. That was cool, until they got to know me better and discovered I’m like everyone else. No need to be super impressed. Now I save the “I’m an author” for some time deeper in our conversation or relationship. Seems to fit better that way.

6. Where’s your favorite place to grocery shop?

Hmm, favorite place would have to be the farmer’s markets. Doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s fresh. Veggies never tasted so good, you know. Oh and the fresh cheese and baked goods, yum. Wow, thanks Lisa, now I’m hungry and it’s March! J.

7. What, to you, is worship?

I’d love to have an amazing answer here, but worship to me is pretty simple. To me, worship is giving myself completely to God. Whether that’s singing, ministry, cashiering, motherhood, wifedom, it’s all in there as long as I’m doing it for God.

The Wishing Ring (book one in the Adventures of Cory and Ally),
published by MuseItYoung, ASIN: B0073UHRM4
Buy it on Amazon

The King’s Seal (book two), published by MuseItYoung
To be released 12/2012
Other books by Shellie:
Driven,a YA supernatural book from Risen Books
available from Amazon
and A Summer in Oakville, a romance, from BlackLyon Publishing
available from Amazon

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Blog Hop NEWS! Win a Kindle!

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Releasing Today: the next Triple Threat Club murder mystery

This time, it's one of their own.

Eyes of Justice (A Triple Threat Novel)

Eyes of Justice, a Triple Threat Novel

By Lis Wiehl, with April Henry

Inspirational Suspense

Thomas Nelson

c. 2012

ISBN: 9781404163537

ISBN: 9781595547088 - hardcover


Stepping into the fourth title of this series is like meeting old friends and being utterly shocked by the turn of events. I am torn about reading the first books.

An FBI agent, a federal prosecutor, and a local Portland Oregon television news crime reporter have a special relationship, and together they call themselves the “Triple Threat Club.” There are lines not to cross, sources and resources to share, family problems and faith, and deep commitment to justice amongst them—and now, someone is out to seek revenge on all of them.

Cassidy Shaw is a bundle of energy, seesawing through an exciting life of revolving boyfriends, recognition as a local celebrity, the high stakes of investigating and reporting on criminal activity. To her friends Nicole Hedges, a single mother, and Allison Pierce, she’s the former cheerleader who loves an audience as much as putting a sleazebag behind bars. When Cassidy is super-late to dinner, the girls are shocked to their core at the reason.

The balance of this novel is a challenging investigation involving Nicole pushing the limits of her new boss in the local FBI field office and her career as she forces and fast-talks her way into the middle of an investigation which is clearly not hers. The fact that the local cops may have reason not to be as cautious as Nicole might be only fuels her determination to find justice. Allison is in similar hot water in her office when her boss, who is considering seeking higher elected office, receives a complaint from the police for meddling in police business. But how can they ignore evidence, especially when it appears they’re next? Tragic murder, a framed cop, a stalker, a stripper, and an emotionally detached skip tracer all provide pieces of the puzzle that make up the Eyes of Justice.

Fully developed characters that feel familiar, excellent without being overwhelming detail and breath-taking action will keep the reader turning pages. Told in the viewpoints of Nicole and Allison, the authors occasionally introduce other point of view characters beginning half-way into the story which aren’t entirely necessary to advance the story, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the story. Those who enjoy Lynette Eason and Vickie Hinz and other female crime investigator novels will love the Triple Threat novels.

An electronic copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.