Thursday, April 12, 2012

Israeli Anthology Selects American’s Poem

Los Angeles, CA--Carolyn Howard-Johnson's poem “Sympathizing with Tantalus” was published in Voices Israel 2012 poetry anthology.

Editor Johnmichael Simon says, “This promises to be one of our most diverse and exciting anthologies and contains more than 220 poems from Israel and overseas.” It also includes the winning entries of the 2011 Reuben Rose Competition and details for entering the 2012 competition. See our website . Voices will be released in June of 2012.
Voices is affiliated with Cross-Cultural Communications in New York; World Poetry, Vancouver; and University English in Israel.

Howard-Johnson has studied at UCLA with Suzanne Lummis, editor of Speechless the Magazine ( ) which featured her chapbook Tracings (Finishing Line Press). Her poem “Endangered Species” won the Franklin Christoph prize and her chapbooks have been honored by, The Compulsive Reader, and Military Writers Society of America.

She also coauthored the Celebration Series of chapbooks with Magdalena Ball. Find them at Here is an excerpt from the poem that combines the unfathomable beauty and complexity of the universe with the time-honored myth.

Science challenged, I manage
            with Achenbach's translations,
                        KC Cole's poetic file-folders
                                    for the cosmic-impaired.

Like Tantalus, I grapple
            fruit I desire beyond my reach.

Learn more about Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s creative work at

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