Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meet Theresa Franklin and The Journey To Fulfillment

Theresa Franklin grew up in Houston, Texas.  After graduation she attended East Texas Baptist College.  There she met her husband on a blind date.  They married a short time later and moved outside of Beaumont, Texas where they raised their three children. 

Theresa taught school for 12 years.  Students with disabilities won her heart and she became Director of Special Education in an effort to better serve them.  She retired in 2010 and began writing children’s books. 

Theresa is the author of children’s books, Don’t Forget Daddy and A Sunny Tomorrow.  Her adult books include non-fiction Journey to Fulfillment and fiction Triumph Through Trial.  She has written one curriculum guide for the novel Night of the Cossack, a historical fiction for young adults by Tom Blubaugh, titled Night of the Cossack, Lesson Plan.

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Journey to Fulfillment

Have you experienced heartache? Has emotional trauma turned into physical pain? Are you tired of life's setbacks and looking for reassurance from God? Journey to Fulfillment is for you. Through this encouraging and often humorous devotional, author Theresa Franklin will show you how to turn life's impossible stumbling blocks into stepping stones toward a fulfilled life. In Journey to Fulfillment, Theresa chronicles the painful events in her life and how they changed her character and her principles forever. She challenges you to remember your childhood and how events from your past have influenced your today. God uses each milestone as stepping stones to strengthen and prepare you for His service. Learn to achieve your goals by letting the painful events of life strengthen you. And consider what could be or has been accomplished because of these adversities. Consider each person who has gathered strength from you because of the journey God allowed you to travel.

Join author Theresa Franklin in her tender and delightful memoir, Journey to Fulfillment, as she shares her life experiences that have molded her character into the woman God intended her to be. Theresa, honestly and brazenly discusses heartaches, tragedies and triumphs from childhood through adulthood. With an open and compassionate heart, the Author lays bare the adversity she has faced through life to include the loss of her first love to marrying and the challenges one can face in being a wife and a mother, and notably her struggles in teaching special needs children. Throughout all, there has been one constant in her life, the unconditional love of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Theresa Franklin turned childhood darkness, pain and hardship, to profound convictions

Theresa Franklin turned childhood darkness, pain and hardship, to profound convictions, insight and style of teaching that shine like diamonds in the rough terrain on which parents and teachers tread. Her writing sings with vivid description of moving episodes, life's patterns and desires. All too familiar to most. And her message resonates with power, so deep, all parents and teachers need to embrace.
Journey to Fulfillment is truly a journey not just for educators, but for anyone trying to learn what brings true fulfillment. And those who need to see how joy fills our soul when we use our life and passion and dreams to impact others. The pages in Journey to Fulfillment bring such basic, yet profound insights as this: "... one student was in trouble for a year, one student was in trouble for probably the fourteenth time in two weeks. I stood over his desk and reprimanded him severely. As I listened to my voice and watched his little head hung low, I thought, Theresa, you have to change this. You cannot let this child leave the room feeling bad. I deliberately softened my voice and said, "Now, Daniel." Before I could finish the statement, without raising his head, he said, "I know, I know. You love me because I am me, not because of what I do or say. As long as I am me, you are going to love me. It is my behavior that you do not like. You love me but not my behavior."
The lesson in Journey to Fulfillment: true fulfillment and satisfaction comes when we resolve to use our experiences, trials and triumph in our own life to turn another life around.
August 23, 2011 by Janet Perez Eckles, author of Amazon #1 bestselling, Simply Salsa: Dancing Without Fear at God's Fiesta, Judson Press, 2011


  1. Wonderful interview Lisa! Theresa has such an interesting background and a heart for God's special children. Journey to Fulfillment sounds like a great resource for those who have faced struggles and setbacks. Janet's stiring review reminds us that God is ultimately in control and will surely turn to good those things that were meant for evil. God blessings to you in all you do Theresa.

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