Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Bible Study Expo! Online, Free

Save the Date for the 2012 Spring Bible Study Expo

Women’s Bible Study enthusiasts meet online this May to hear from the authors of 2012’s most popular Women’s Bible Study books. Mark your calendar now and plan to attend the live, free, online event, Thursday, May 17, 2012, from 1-5 PM Central Time, at www.BibleStudyExpo.com.

Every year, thousands of Bible Study leaders progress from one study to the next by visiting bookstores to check out options, getting suggestions from attendees or friends, and attending the spring Bible Study Expo full of interviews with the authors of the most recently released Bible Study books for women.

The Bible Study Expo features Women’s Bible Study authors Sheila Walsh, Pam Farrel, Cindy Jacobs, Mary Kassian, Renee Swope, Babbie Mason and many more from publishers including Harvest House, Thomas Nelson, Multnomah, Baker, Bethany House, Moody and others.

During the Expo, each author is interviewed for 15 minutes with the opportunity to share the story behind her most recent release. In addition, each will clearly define the target audience for her book and tell a little bit about herself.

“It’s a great way for Bible Study leaders to get to know the authors and to learn more about the newest Bible study books available to them this year,” explains Expo Hostess, Marnie Swedberg.

The Bible Study Expo was founded in 2009 to support Women’s Bible Study leaders.  The Expo itself includes four hours of live-streaming online audio interviews with the authors, including one free book give-away during each segment.

It’s 100% free to attend and anyone is welcome to pre-register now at www.BibleStudyExpo.com.

“It’s such a fun format, because there is no need to travel, to find childcare or to spend money,” says Swedberg. “It’s just a great time online getting to know the Bible Study book authors as well as other Bible Study leaders from all over the world.”

To register to win free books or to attend the live, online event, visit www.BibleStudyExpo.com today!

Bible Study Expo is a subsite of www.Marnie.com, providing encouragement, practical help and God-focus to women since 1996. In addition to her role as Expo Hostess, Marnie is the online mentor to thousands of leaders from over 30 countries, the manager of the family restaurant and retail store, the author of 12 books and the host of a weekly radio talk show.

For more information about the Bible Study Expo, visit http://www.Marnie.com/media.php

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