Thursday, January 10, 2013

Changing Zip Codes by Carol Stratton

For Immediate Release: A new moving devotional hits the market.

As the moving van drives off you have a knot in your stomach. You ask yourself, “Are we moving to a better place? Will my children like their new school? Will I ever make friends?” As someone who has moved over twenty-two times; this author understand the fears and excitements of relocating and has grown a passion to help families who need to change their zip code.

Changing Zip Codes: Finding Community Wherever You’re Transplanted is a forty-day devotional full of wisdom and humor to encourage families and lift the spirits of those finding themselves moving to a new home and potentially a new lifestyle. Carol knows the stress of changing addresses as she has moved twenty-two times with a husband, four children and a dog. She is the mover’s cheerleader; her goal is to help women survive a move while keeping their families and humor intact.  Written for those relocating, it is helpful for anyone facing big changes in their life. This book would make an excellent gift for military families, realtors, and churches who want to welcome newcomers into their community.

Carol is a freelance writer published in two anthologies (Writing so Heaven will be Different and Extraordinary Answers to Prayer (Guideposts), and has over sixty articles published in national publications such as InTouch and Your Church. She has also written for regional and local publications such as The Herald, Forsyth Women and Forsyth Family). She speaks to women’s groups such as MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and has taught at national writing conferences. Her website is or catch the book on Facebook/ Changing Zip Codes.

As many more veterans return from deployment it is devastating the challenges couples face readjusting to a normal routine and back into daily family life. With the passion to support these families, Carol dedicates a portion of all proceeds to the Family Life Ministries project, “The Art of Marriage Ops.” This initiative provides workshops and weekend retreats to returning military personnel and their spouses; strengthening their marriage after serving their country overseas.

This book is published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas and is available through, Barnes and Noble and Christian bookstores. A portion of the book's proceeds will go to Family Life to help military couples have a Weekend to Remember retreat. For more information on the book and speaking engagements, contact Carol at carolgstratton-at-gmail.


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