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Book review, non-fiction: Bless Israel, Be Blessed

Bless Israel, Be Blessed
by Ulung Awng Ja
Product Details·         Paperback: 216 pages
·         Publisher: Tate Publishing (February 4, 2014)
·         Language: English
·         ISBN-10: 1629024309
·         ISBN-13: 978-1629024301

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About the book:
Follow Ulung Awng Ja as he dives deep into the life of the family that gave birth to the country of Israel. In this analysis of the scripture, he uses his keen insight to bring new light to the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, and he discusses with us the importance of being a "mild" person. 

He also discusses the misconceptions that some people have regarding Jacob, and he uses scripture and the original language itself to back up what he says. 

Ulung explains the importance of the firstborn birthright and how all Christians can strive to obtain it.

My review:
Pastor Ulung Awng Ja has created an intriguing book that addresses insights on the birthright blessings of modern Christians using the Old Testament story of Jacob and Esau as an example.

The birthright blessing was given to Jacob before he was born, Pastor Ulung Awng Ja contends, as Rebecca his mother was answered in her prayer request to understand the struggle in her womb. He goes even further to suggest that if Isaac had been told by Jacob that Esau had sold his birthright, Isaac his father would have given the blessing anyway. Rebecca acted in accordance with God’s will when she advised her younger to obtain the blessing. The Scripture from Hebrews 11 and Romans 9 backs this up with the interpretation that Isaac, by faith, blessed the younger son over the elder.

Many such examples show Christians the true nature of God, his unconditional love, and his blessings. Conversely, while God loves all, not all love Him truly; some follow blindly, and many reject him outright

In subsequent chapters, Pastor Ulung Awng Ja offers more explanation and interpretation of the blessings and cursings, and their results for Christians. Christians show their commitment by following God’s Word and Commandments. All mankind is in bondage, but through Christ laying down his life, we are freed from death to become children of God. Such simple truths to the faithful who have been long-time believers is refreshing.

Told in honesty and with the lyracy of his native language, Bless Israel, Be Blessed is an interesting study on God’s blessings. Breaking down the modern language of today’s Bible versions, and applying both Old and New Testament Scriptures, Pastor Ulung Awng Ja helps those seeking faith, newly faithful, and long-time faithful see how and why we should practice our belief in the Savior and his grace.

About the Author:
Ulung Awng Ja is an author, Bible scholar and senior pastor of Myanmar Philadelphia Pentecostal Church. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit He serves God and teaches people according to what the Bible teaches us. 

He has written another book titled Why Did God Create Man? It has been published by Wine press Publishing.

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