Monday, May 5, 2014


God Called - He Needs Your Decision!
by Randy Kirk

If you are ready to commit to God fully and avoid any potential of being seen as lukewarm, this book is the outpouring of my heart intended to provide you with a pathway to victory. 
Here is an outline of the path. Each step is based on a decision. Just like your initial decision to follow Jesus, you will be making decisions throughout your walk.
·         Decision: That I will listen to God for His call on my life.
·         Decision: That I will do what is necessary to hear and obey God’s call on my life.
·         Decision: That in order to be in a position to hear God’s calling, I will love Him and others, and seek the intimacy that accompanies that love. I hunger and thirst for a right relationship with Him and others.
·         Decision: That in order to love like that, I will be poor in spirit and more humble. Humility means that I trust God for my direction, not myself or other people. I believe what God says.
·         Decision: I will become a disciple of Christ, which means watching and hearing what He teaches, then doing those things.
The Bible describes five kinds of followers of Jesus: the multitudes (Matt. 4:25), casual inquirers (John 4:9), disciples (Matt. 5:1), close disciples such as Peter, James, and John (Matt. 17:1), and an intimately close disciple (John 13:23). Which kind of follower are you?
The multitudes blend into the crowds on Sunday mornings.  Rejecting service opportunities. Giving Intermittently. Avoiding relationships. Avoiding commitment. They like being part of the crowd that gets close enough to Jesus to mollify the yearning desire in their hearts for relationship with Him, but not so close that His expectations touch them. 
The casual inquirers ask endless questions about inconsequential matters. Seldom do they change their attitudes about the Lord but, rather, they relish the dispute and disagreements. 
The disciples change the direction of their lives. They turn and follow Jesus after their encounter with Him. They learn from Him, they serve Him, they testify to what He’s done in their lives, they share His love with others, and they stay close to Him. Even when they drift away and wander off, they eventually turn around and come back to a close relationship and fellowship with Jesus. 
The best picture of the intimate disciple is John reclining against Jesus with his head on Jesus’ breast. Do you think John heard Jesus’ heart beat? I do. And I want to be that disciple--the one that is so close to Jesus that I hear His heartbeat. Do you? I believe you can be! 
You can be the kind of disciple who is so close to Jesus that there is no room for anything to come between Him and you. The kind of disciple that worships Him as closely and intimately as humanly possible. The kind of disciple that hears God’s voice distinctly calling to His service. The kind of disciple that, upon hearing God’s call, answers: “Here am I. Send me.” 




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  2. Sounds like just what I need. Looking forward to reading!

  3. Randy, you already know I loved this book! Great stuff and convicting. Love your site, Lisa! Partial to green . . . :)