Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Essence of Evil by Barbara Derksen book review

Essence of Evil


April 28, 2014

Evil pursues Christine, in this the second book of the Finders Keepers Mystery Series. Retreat is not an option but her move forward makes her vulnerable to the very evil that took her parents' lives. Faced with yet another missing child, she embarks on a search that takes her out of her comfort zone to question her chosen career, her abilities, and her belief system as she helps stricken parents find closure. Christine finds herself confused about her growing interest in Jeremy but she is distracted by the essence of evil that surrounds her.

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Nightmares are real    

I’ve known about Derksen’s books for years, but this is the first of the series that I’ve read from this prolific author. Without using the actual words or graphic imagery, Derksen creates a sense of despair, and revolting depth of depravity. A young woman, now known as Christine, who witnessed cruelty as a child is being hunted again as she’s returned to her home and tries to deal with the past while forging a new future for herself. She works to locate missing and exploited children, along with her specially trained dog and her partner Jeremy, a detective who’d like to explore their relationship on a different level.

A couple of cases are going on at the same time in this story, all dealing with kidnapped and missing boys. The setting is Canada, and Derksen’s several characters have a say about their work and feelings. Christine Smith is feisty, trying to be strong and independent through her fears, and deeply caring about the tragic young victims she’s hired to find. Readers will be able to empathize with her and her passion.

Not for the faint of heart, Derksen has plumbed the depths of the essence of evil while letting the light of faith shine through as the true victor.

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