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Album Remnant by Cherie Norquay

While I did a few CD reviews for the a now defunct site, I haven't done any recently. I was surprised and pleased to be asked to review this debut album for Cherie Norquay from my home state of Wisconsin. It was produced by Phil Naish, and after listening to the sample on her site, how could I not?

Cherie Norquay

Review of album Remnant by Cherie Norquay
10 tunes

CreativeSoul Records
Produced by Phil Naish

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Three of the tunes, Norquay says, were inspired by the hymns of the venerable Fanny Crosby. I found Norquay’s voice beautiful and clear, the music complementary and not overwhelming - a very good background foundation of guitars and piano. A mixture of worship and confession, these ten tunes all had something special to offer listeners of inspirational music. Drawing on scripture as well as familiar hymns, the music winds from sure to become popular praise band music in "Heaven to Me," to simple worshipful repetition, "You Are Holy"---what else is there?

This album will become a staple in my play list.

1 – Heaven to Me
Joyful tune, bouncy and full
Light steel guitar riff
Heavy on the r’s of the lyrics, cross over Jordan to Canaan’s fair land

2 – Your Love
Jesus loves me take – Love is Everlasting
Nothing could ever separate me from your love
Take on the children’s song that goes on from the verses
Good drums

3 – Redeemed
Chiming, tinkling piano
Redeemed – how I love to happy in Jesus
Very clear tones
"Your child I am" –speaking to the Lord in heartfelt, thankful
Will make listeners long to claim the same promise, “Your love is my song.”

4 – Whispering Hope
Such is the voice of an angel
Moody tone, plaintive, pleading – whispering hope
Wait, Speak to me, strengthen my heart, never depart
Undertone music of mechanical organ weaves among the lyrics, breathe on me

5 – Tell Me Jesus
Blend of guitars and drums, opening
Another pleading...dark and moody
Please tell me how to win the battle—cleanse my sin—how much more till I vow
Electric guitar underscore

6 – You Carry Me
Carry me through – I need you every breath I take
All I need is you
Almost a realization and repetition of understanding and thanksgiving
Mix of drums and guitars hold the platform for the repetition of phrasing

7 – The Remnant of My Heart – inspired by the book of Ezekiel
The Remnant of my heart – the title song – no matter what I’m doing, “From the tops of the mountain, under every tree”
Piano backs the lyrics, subtle drumbeat and guitar strengthens deeper into the song
I know someday I will be with you – I remember you
8 – Save Me
Piano, a prayer, a worship song directly to the savior,
A confession – for my sins you have died
Acceptance, plea—oh, save me, receive me, redeem me
Clear piano and background percussion measuring the beats of the words in a simple daily prayer
9 – You Are Holy
Chimes, humming, ohhh, a prayer of worship from the heart and soul and mind
Clear piano and gentle guitar riff – Hymn – You are Holy, Holy, Lord –
simple repetition, as what else is there?

10 – Trust In Me
"Remnant" photo shootEnding on a peppy note, with popping drums and guitar echoing the short spurts of the repetitive chorus lyrics - "ever, oh, trust in me, trust in me."

Norquay and her husband live in Wisconsin, have several children and a grandchild. She has been involved in church music her entire life, she says. It was a mission trip in 2009 that inspired her to turn in a new direction and she began writing the music of her heart. “God is the forever. His Word never changes. The truths spoken of in the music long ago is still relevant today. I desire to help people fall in love with hymns all over a new ways,” she says.

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