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Synopsis Of While Princesses Sleep, Book 1 of the Princesses OF Chadwick Castle Series
by Emma Right

While Princesses Sleep: Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure, Book 1 (Princess Castle Adventure Mystery series) is a tale of two royal sisters who are princesses.

1. While Princesses Sleep
While Princesses Sleep, Princesses Of Chadwick Castle, Book 1

The Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Adventure is an eight-book series set in 19th century England. The adventure revolves around the sisters, Elle age 12, and Belle, 10. It’s great for readers who love Cinderella-type fairy tales and European princess stories.

While Princesses Sleep opens with the Princess Elle discovering a strange sound in the night. Curious, she determines the reason for these mysterious noises and starts the adventure with her sister, Belle. Something is afoot at the castle and they must find out what this is. However, finding the truth behind the secrets they stumble upon leads them to strange answers? What sort of trouble will the princesses get themselves into?

Frankly, I cannot believe that I’ve actually managed to finish the Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Adventure series—I call it The Princess Castle Series for short.  It took me a year to get them published which I suppose isn’t too long considering the fact that I not only had the story to write but also had to collect the images. It’s eight books in all and the word count for the entire series is about 50,000.

So why did I write a Princess series anyway?
Ever since I started watching Downton Abbey (not recommended for children) I’d been intrigued by the goings-on of life in a castle-like setting in England. So, why not a princess story of girls having an adventure with mystery intertwined and all of this taking place in a 19th century English setting? I told myself, it’d be a fun educational experience for my readers and they’ll get to enjoy a fast paced adventure, too!

Trouble was, most stories couldn’t hold the interest of both a five-year old and the attention of a twelve-year old at the same time. Believe it or not, this was one reason why I started writing. Both my Keeper of Reign series and now the Princess Castle series were written as a read-aloud. (Naturally, kids of eight or nine could read the Princess Castle books on their own.) But I wanted to go one step further with the books. I wanted to introduce readers to the magnificent world of art.

How I collected the artwork.
To be honest I have found it hard to have art books that hold museum pieces lying around the house because some of the artwork were not appropriate for kids under twelve or even for a young teen. (At least in my opinion.)

With the Princess Castle series, I’d carefully cropped and chosen the most appropriate art pieces that fit the story. Most of the art in the series is cropped so readers get to appreciate the details that went into the artist’s work—a hem here, a lacey sleeve there, a close-up of someone’s eyes. I must confess it wasn’t easy cropping and sizing the images to the correct proportions but I felt it was worth the pain I went through when I look at the final product. I hope the artwork would also gently inspire kids as they look at world renowned museum pieces and listen to or read the stories.

So why did I break the story into eight book?
With read-alouds I’d sometimes found it hard to stop –mostly because the kids will pester me to go on reading even when I was supposed to make lunch or dinner. The way I’d set up each book mothers, or father, or teachers, could read one book today and say, “Okay, book two starts tomorrow!” So each book is like a chapter book since the mystery continues and builds with each one and the issues get resolved in the eighth book.

I’d also learned from writing other series that readers don’t like to wait. (Sadly, I’ve actually gotten hate mail because of this! Talk about impatience.) Nonetheless, I’ve taken this into account and learned from this. Which is why I’d written all eight books, and published them all at the same time. No waiting! Yay!

However, because I’ve grown to love the characters of the two princesses, Elle and Belle, I’ve started on a second series that will hold its own set of mystery and intrigue. While the Princess Castle series deals with art and the end of each book introduce readers to a particular artist, the second series will have write-ups on ballet stories—like Giselle, and Swan Lake, etc. 

A Note From Author Emma Right
I realize as a relatively new author readers might be hesitant to invest in the Princess Castle Books. So I’ve made it easy for everyone. The first book, While Princesses Sleep, is available for download in three formats (Kindle, Nook and pdf) if you go to the emmaright.com site, and the third book, Lady With the Circlet, will be gifted to all entrants in the Kindle Fire HD Giveaway I am hosting this month, April 2 to the 21st; the drawing will be on April 22.

Also, I am excited about the audio book for the first book, While Princesses Sleep. It was professionally read by a British voiceover artist--the story’s, after all, set in an English 19th century castle. For those who write me a review be sure to email me and I will send you the MP3 recording for free! I hope the children will enjoy this feature! They can listen and follow the story with their book—ebook or paperback.

Other titles in The Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure Mystery series

2. Beaded Dresses Mystery
Princesses of Chadwick Castle Adventure series for girls

3. Lady With The Circlet
Lady With The Circlet, Book 3, Princess series

4. Secret Mission Princess
Princesses of chadwick castle series, book 4

5. Pretty Scary Lady
Princesses of chadwick castle series

6. Down With The Crown
Princesses of chadwick castle

7. Peasant Princesses
Princesses of Chadwick Castle series

8. Princess Rewards
Princesses of Chadwick Castle series

Both print and ebooks are available on Amazon.

About Emma Right
Emma Right is a homeschool mother to five kids. A happy wife, she and her family live on the Pacific West Coast and have several pets they adore. She’s always enjoyed reading to her children and hope her stories will instill the joy of reading and learning in her readers. Several of her books have won book awards. Before having children Emma Right was a copywriter for two major advertising companies and have won several international copywriting awards. 

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