Saturday, October 10, 2015

Children's Book Review of Nana's Three Jars series, by Carol Round

Giving Generously, the third book in the delightful children's series of stories with a moral, is now available in time for Christmas from Author Carol Round. 

Nana’s Jars series
Children’s Fiction

Carol Round
ISBN 978-0692532423
September, 2015

$12.95 paperback only at this time

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From the publisher:
Charlie has a dilemma. Christmas is approaching and he wants to give his teacher a special gift. He’s been saving his money to purchase a present for Miss James but until he and Emma make a trip to visit Nana, he isn’t quite sure what he will do. Join Charlie and Emma as they learn more about the third jar — spending wisely — and why it’s just as important as the giving and saving jars. “Nana’s 3 Jars: Spending Wisely” is an interactive book for adults to read and then make hot chocolate mix with children using the recipe in the back of the book. It is the third and final book in the “Nana’s 3 Jars” series.

My review:
Carol Round’s delightful third book of her series of children’s stories with a moral is a great read with sweet illustrations to subtly teach children about giving gifts with a purpose. Gifts are personal and meaningful when they come from the heart and are created with thought, based on affordability. The stories are based on a lesson Charlie and Emma’s grandmother teaches about earning and saving money, when to give, and when to spend it. Charlie visits his grandmother on the farm and sees the perfect holiday gift for his teacher. His grandmother and mother help him create the gift using donations and purchased items from his savings for him to give.

Included in the book are the directions for this gift—hot chocolate mix in a jar, directions, as well as labels to create readers’ own Saving, Giving, Spending jars. Beautifully illustrated, not too long for a good sit-down read, and easily read.

Volumes One and Two, Giving Generously, and Saving Pennies, are available as well.
See Carol Round's Amazon Page, US, for more information.

About the Author, Carol Round
I am a transplanted Okie. I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. However, my parents, who were originally from the Sooner State, decided to return to their roots in 1969 when I was 16-years-old. Although I have only returned to my birth state three times, Oklahoma people still detect a bit of Cajun accent. I think that’s funny because they don’t think they have an accent.

No matter where I’m living—I’ve moved ten times since I graduated from high school—I love being outdoors any time of the year. Whether it is raining, snowing or the sun is shining or hiding behind a cloud, I prefer the beautiful landscape of God’s creation anytime. Being outdoors, even when I’m weeding my flowerbeds, helps me to reconnect with God.

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