Monday, May 16, 2016

Unlocking the truth of Daniel with Laura Davis

From the Publisher:
Do you long to immerse yourself in God's Word and discover its truths for yourself? The new and exciting Digging Deeper Series was created just for you! Embark on a fulfilling journey through God's Word using a foundation of Scripture as well as history. Are you ready to begin? Who are the Kings of the North and South and what role do they play in the end-times? Many have speculated on who they could be. Using Scripture and history as our guide, this study will seek to reveal the truth. Discover God's plan for the Jewish people and for the world. See how events played out historically, and where we can expect to be taken next. Undertake a journey through the Book of Daniel and discover God's plan for your life.

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ISBN: 978-0973202212
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My Review:
Laura J. Davis, a trained Precepts Ministries teacher, isn’t afraid of tackling the tough stuff of Bible studies. After digging into Revelation in her book, He Who Has an Ear, she begins a Bible Study series called Digging Deeper with the book of Daniel.

What I like about this series is that it’s meant for group discussion, but can also be used for personal introspection. The author includes suggestions and directions for anyone with an interest to lead a group interested in exploring the Scriptures. She recommends using a particular version or translation of the Bible for the study, but does not limit the choice and even explains that she also uses a variety of translations for her studies.

Each of the twenty-two chapters contains a brief explanation of the events of the biblical era in which the book is taking place, some contextual lessons, potential interpretations and possible connections to contemporary events, and a life application. Between ten and twenty questions are included as food for thought, with extensive explanations on each chapter for the group facilitator included at the end of the book.

Recommended for persons and groups who enjoy discussion and analysis of Scripture.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Laura Davis' book, Lisa.

    1. Thank you for stopping in, Joylene. I have a great deal of respect for Laura.