Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Long awaited prequel Aboard Providence

Aboard Providence by Keely Brooke Keith

Aboard Providence
Keely Brooke Keith

October 2016
CrossRiver Media
ISBN 9781936501359
Print $15.99
Ebook $5.99

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From the Publisher:
The Uncharted series has a past...

The Uncharted storyline begins in the 21st Century in a hidden land that was settled in the 1860s by Americans. Throughout the Uncharted books, the characters refer to their founders' history. Soon after the release of The Land Uncharted (Edenbrooke Press), readers expressed their desire for more. Why did the founders leave America in 1860? How did they plan the group migration? Where did they believe they were going? How did they establish what is now a fascinating culture?

I too was drawn by the founders' story. When I set out to write it, I enjoyed fleshing out the mystery of how the founders arrived in the Land and what it was like for them, not only for the characters who wanted that adventure, but also those who didn't. I was swept away on a journey of faith, sacrifice, and God's unfailing provision.

Join the founders as they embark on their voyage aboard the Providence to an uncharted land.

My review:
This is one of those books that make you sigh when you get close to the end and whisper “there better be more, please don’t end…”

Aboard Providence is the long-awaited answer to the series that began with The Land Uncharted in 2014, this talented author’s debut. Keith has begun to show me that not all DIY efforts are the same. In that story arc, the time is the near future, and a military pilot crashes on the proverbial lost island. Ultimately a romance, the pilot is part of a story meant to explore human nature and ultimately survival in a parallel commentary of a seemingly innocent world and a world about to self-destruct. Aboard Providence is the prequel journey of how The Land Uncharted came to be settled.

Keith always had a good sense of story and has continued to grow. My only commentary is that she has a tendency to introduce characters and situations that could add zest and conflict, yet drops them in favor of a less complicated plot, allowing situation, or internal turmoil, to take precedent over external conflicts. For example, intriguing interplay between the young adults aboard the ship could have been fleshed out. Her main characters, however, are well developed, handle their struggles in a realistic manner, and stay with the reader.

Told in multiple viewpoints between the two sweet and highly motivated main characters, the pace is swift and skillfully shows time passing on board a ship without the situation becoming dull. If this is your first taste of this compelling series, you’ll want to read the other books, a mixture of Swiss Family Robinson and O Pioneers.

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