Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Late Evaluate Your Life Day message from Suzette Webb

5 Keys to Trusting God’s Plan for You Even When Your Path Seems Unclear

from Lisa:
I'm so sorry this is posted late - but since pretty much every day should be "evaluate your life" day, the book and message definitely fits!
Thanks, Suzette.

CHICAGO, IL – October 16, 2017 – October 19 is Evaluate Your Life Day and Chicago entrepreneur and author of a witty and inspiring spiritual book says that trusting God is imperative at every turn in the road, especially at those that seem foggy or uncertain.  In fact, it is especially important that at those times when the path forward seems to be lost, we renew our faith in the Lord and in His ultimate guidance.

“When we find ourselves in an uncharted situation,” says Webb, author of Blues to Blessings: Moving from Fearful to Faithful, “it can be difficult to trust that God is still by our side, guiding our footsteps. However, it is precisely in those moments of uncertainty and doubt that we need to find the strength to rely on God’s wisdom. He is the one who will guide us to success and to happiness every time.”

Webb offers the following tips for putting your faith in God:

·         Be honest with yourself – Are you feeling uncertain? Are you beginning to doubt the path that God has set before you? Instead of ignoring your feelings, face them for what they are. Every faithful person has doubts at one time or another, but the key is that you need to confront them. Only then will you be able to move past them and into a space of complete and total trust in the Lord and His ways.
·         Get quiet – When you feel as though the walls are closing in and there is no easy way to move forward, you may begin to panic. However, allow your doubt and unfaithful thoughts to fester, you will not be able to see the path that the Lord has created for you. So, instead of allowing these feelings to overcome you, take a step back after you have articulated your feelings. Simply go on a walk or jog without music, or choose to ride in the car without the radio. However you choose to do it, take the time to get quiet and simply be in the moment.
·         Take Inventory – Examine your life both personally and professionally and recall all the blessings that God has given you. All that you have achieved at work and in your home is thanks to God’s infinite power, generosity, and guidance. Despite all the uncertain situations, hurdles, and setbacks that you have experienced in your past, you have arrived at this moment because of God’s expert guidance. Take a moment to give thanks for the myriad blessings He has brought your way so far and trust that more are on their way.
·         Set goals – Set 1 to 2 attainable goals that will allow you to have more faith in the Lord’s unfailing direction. Perhaps make it a goal to let go of a situation once you pray about it, or decide to wait for God’s sign before you act. In whatever way you decide to demonstrate your faith in the Lord, make it a goal to do so. That way, if your uncertainty begins to creep in, you can focus on your decision to trust God and the path He has laid for you rather than falling victim to any doubting thoughts.
·         Take action – Finally, make sure to be ready to take that first step as soon as the Lord shows you the way. Even though the road may not look like the one you envisioned, or may be more frightening or challenging than the one that you are currently on, have confidence in the Lord’s wisdom and take that leap of faith toward your miraculous future. If you remain faithful and go where God leads you, there is no doubt that you will find your miracle.

Blues to Blessings: Moving from Fearful to Faithful by [Webb, Suzette]
Blues to Blessings: Moving from Fearful to Faithful inspires people to leap from their comfort to their miracle by renewing their faith and trust in the Lord. With fitting Bible verses and engaging, powerful stories, it guides the reader to a place of deeper connection with God and with themselves to ensure they are living the fulfilling, purposeful life they were meant to live. For more information, visit www.bluestoblessings.com.

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