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Not Always a Bridesmaid contemporary romance collection

Not Always a Bridesmaid by Jennifer Conner

Released June 6, 2018
Books To Go Now, publisher
$3.99 ebook
Jennifer Conner
Sharon Kleve
About the Book:
The Professional Bridesmaid by Jennifer Conner
To help three co-workers coordinate their weddings, Skye Wilson must act as a bridesmaid for them. Skye dreams of becoming a wedding planner and needs to start somewhere and reluctantly agrees. Just when the wedding arrangements and her plans started going wrong, she meets Chasen Dantrell, a handsome limousine driver.
Chasen has a growing limo business. He loves his job but the long hours of waiting by himself wear on him. That is until a cute, blue-eyed bridesmaid named Skye stumbles his way.
As their two worlds become more and more entwined with each wedding they work, Skye wonders if she'll ever be a bride and would it be Chasen at the end of the aisle with a ring?

The Undecided Bride by Sharon Kleve
When Steven, the man of Bridgette North dreams, proposes she automatically says yes until her fianc√©’s constant pressure for a speedy wedding has her questioning his motives and love. Now she is undecided whether she wants to marry him.
Mason is hired to trick Bridgette into marrying Steven quickly to ensure a promotion but ends up falling head-over-heels in love instead.
Can Mason explain his deceit and still win her heart?
And will Bridgette be willing to risk her heart one more time?

Red, White, and Bridesmaid by Jennifer Conner
Jess Caldwell is the third in line to wear the mistletoe headband until she’s kissed. But it’s her best friend Kara’s wedding, Jess needs to keep her mind on designing the flowers and not on the fact that Kara’s older brother, Darrin, who she’s had a crush on for years will be there.
Darrin’s happy to be moving home, and what is even more of a pleasant surprise is seeing her again. Jess isn’t the geeky girl he remembered when he left. But after all the mean things he said in the past, will she give him another chance?
When things at the wedding go wrong, more than fireworks fly for this 4th of July wedding.
Will love be in the air?

The Reluctant Bride by Sharon Kleve
Penelope Moore’s last boyfriend had no qualms about cheating even after he professed his undying love. As a wedding event planner Penelope has seen plenty of happily-ever-after. But with her terrible luck in the relationship department, she is reluctant to believe it will ever happen to her.
Ferguson enjoyed the freedom of bachelorhood until he met his last girlfriend. He considered her the love of his life until she betrayed him. Without his consent, she used his professional experience and knowledge as a private investigator to write and publish a best-selling novel. Ferguson couldn’t forgive her underhanded deceit and ended their relationship.
When Ferguson meets Penelope he is once again willing to risk his heart, but Penelope isn’t as trusting. Just when he is beginning to win the beautiful event planner’s heart, his ex-girlfriend arrives in town and causes heartache all over again.
Can Penelope and Ferguson trust each other and their hearts enough to get their happily-ever-after?

My Review:
Four unique stores in one, Not Always a Bridesmaid is a contemporary mainstream collection of modern-day romance set mostly in the Pacific Northwest. Each story uses characters from the others to showcase true friendship and love beyond initial love-at-first-sight relationships.
Skye moved to be closer to her estranged father, and although an accountant by trade, would like to eventually trade that job out as an event planner. To earn points for her resume, she agrees to help engaged girls at her new workplace, not knowing she’s about to embark on a journey with three of the worst bridezillas ever. Thank goodness the cute limo driver, Chasen, has her back…and more.
The second story follows a wedding planner, Bridgette, who falls for a shady character. Everyone suspects him; even she has second and third doubts, but heartbreak and hilarity ensue when each of the couple’s friends get involved.
When Kara gets married at the same wedding venue used in the first two stories, her brother Darrin’s return for the wedding sends Kara’s friend Jess into palpitations. The crush of her teen years finally recognizes that she’s grown up. Better yet, he’s planning to come back and set up shop. Besides that, he’s got a wicked sense of humor and evil way to cool things down.
In the final story, it’s Bridgette’s assistant Penelope’s turn for romance. Things sizzle out of control…and get even hotter when Ferguson’s former scheming lover returns for more devilment. Ferguson, a PI, shows his stuff when he proves how deeply he cares for and knows the true love of his life.
Four bite-size stories for summer getaway reading, Not Always a Bridesmaid will charm the contemporary romance reader. Each story is told through multiple viewpoints and include juicy details of wedding venues, dresses, food, romance galore, and way too-good-to-be-true heroes.

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