Monday, March 21, 2011

Left at the Altar book review

Left at the Altar
By Kimberly Kennedy
c. 2009
Thomas Nelson

Kennedy's story was not a familiar one, despite it being told several times by Diane Sawyer. Kennedy attempts to make lemonade out of the tragedy of being a 35-year-old fiancé whose wedding was interrupted on the rehearsal night when the groom-to-be backed out. The true story begins in chapter five when Kennedy is able to finally step back and take an objective look at herself and the relationship. Along the way, she realizes what commitment means, and the places in her life that were empty because of the damaging way she treated others and herself.

Kennedy interviewed a few other women who shared their stories about being abandoned at crucial moments, as well as men who shared some of the reasons of their need and timing of backing out of relationships. The author presented a brief sketch of traditional grief and ten lessons she'd learned in the process of recovering from the huge blow to her ego and psyche, and ten pieces of advice for those who undergo similar situations.

While I'm not familiar with Kennedy, local television personality from Atlanta GA, I believe that people who might not otherwise pick up a book about a faith revival, this book is also a personal testimony to the power of God's healing spirit. Left at the Altar would make a good gift book for a friend or loved one who's suffered a loss and has questions and doubts of self-worth and faith.

I received a copy of this book for review purposes.

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