Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the Road again--both physically and virtually

Just because I've been published in several media, the final goal--as I keep repeating--is developing a readership. Developing a readership is an ongoing and scary process for me, as it involves talking to people and asking them to buy something from me, something they may not like. And I hate to disappoint people out of their hard-earned cash. I love my stories, but I realize that every reader prefers a particular style, whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, or magazines. It's okay. I'm quite an eclectic reader; I have preferences, but the book clubs and review sites I belong to force me to expand my horizons. I learned I don't necessarily care for dog stories, but had a tear at the end of Marley and Me, which I never would have picked up; missed out on reading The Other Wes Moore when the book club last month didn't have a copy and I didn't want to buy one. I still attended and was able to participate in the discussion because I researched the book.

I submitted one of my stories to a small press and got turned down fairly quickly; I submitted to an agent and hope that the fact I didn't get a form reject means something; I'm about to send a project to Black Lyon today after getting an okay from the publisher. See--here is where being published means nothing; in fact it almost hurts my chances of getting more contracts because my sales figures are putrid. So, I'm trying to learn more about helping myself out in that department, but it's excruciating. I'm also writing short stories, and sent another to Harpstring for the May edition; will let you know, and one to ShortStoryAmerica.

And...looks like the kitty escaped the bag--Meander Scar is up for a Grace Award - wasnt' supposed to tell until Monday. Announcements in May. I'm shocked, truly, that I got enough votes, and also learned I'm up against respected friends.

I also met with Darla and Dawn at the Random Lake Library to introduce ourselves and brainstorm about upcoming workshops and sales ops. What are your best tips for selling your books?

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  1. It's hard for us writers who prefer to remain secluded and type to get out and interact with the readers. But I know the one venue I absolutely LOVED was speaking to a book club. A friend who had the club of about a dozen arranged to buy the books from me at a discount. They all read the book first so they could pick my brain about it. I had the best time and it really encouraged me that these ladies not only spent money on my book but really enjoyed it. It completely energized and uplifted me!

    And best wishes on the Grace Award!