Saturday, April 30, 2011

New iPhone App Helps Writers
Learn to Pitch Their Books

Overview: Just as it takes an entirely different set of skills for an artist to talk about their paintings as it does to paint the paintings, it’s an entirely different set of skills to talk effectively about a book, as to write one. This workshop, which writers can do on their phone, teaches a three-step formula for pitching that works for any book by award-winning author and speaker Linda Rohrbough.

Allentown, PA – Saturday, April 26, 2011 – Everyone thinks writers are born with a talent to talk to others about their work. But for most, writing a book is like sorting paper in a wind tunnel. To boil the experience down to a few comprehendible sentences is nearly overwhelming. Award-winning author Linda Rohrbough has help with a methodology to help writers do this task with fiction or non-fiction that is a plug-and-chug formula anyone can use. She’s been teaching her “Pitch Your Book” workshop to writer’s groups all over the country and now it’s available in a step-by-step, interactive manner on the iPhone.
Rohrbough says, “Pitching is a lifelong skill for a writer. There will never be a time when a writer doesn’t have to talk to someone they don’t know about one of their books. At first, it’s agents and editors, but later it’s readers, bookstore owners, and maybe even the media. But what new writers don’t know is the pros figure how to do this before they start a book.”
“Part of the rub is writers are afraid when it comes to talking about their work. Their hearts start beating fast, their palms get sweaty, and they forget their own names. I’ve done this. So one of the things I have to do is teach writers how to manage their own fears. If I don’t, I find myself with a group of people who cannot hear what I have to say, much less implement the simple formula I’ve come up with.”
Part of the beauty of doing her workshop as an App is Rohrbough can also appeal to people with different learning styles, just as she does in person. “I have yet to hear someone say, ‘I don’t remember’ or ‘I didn’t understand’ after they completed one of my workshops. Everything I do is designed to imprint in their minds, no matter how they learn, my simple and useful techniques. No wasted motion. And I’m doing the same in my App,” she said.
The basic portion of the App is about an hour in length divided into ten short sections, that can be done a little at a time or all at once. There are also flash cards and multiple choice questions to reinforce key concepts.
“Writers see many examples of how this is done, learn how to plug their own work into the formula, and then use my steps to talk about their own book in an effective and attention-getting way,” Rohrbough added.
“Pitch Your Book” became available from Study By App in the Apple iTunes store April 23th for $3.99.

Rohrbough available for interviews. Contact Robin Nolan at McDavid Public Relations or call 919-745-9333.

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