Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My To-Do List

Ever wonder about a full time stay-at-home writer's to-do list?
Here's mine for today - which will obviously stretch over:

Drop off car for body work from hail damage - 5:45 am
Check out the church flyer I made yesterday and put a PR together and send it to committee members.
Read and crit April's revised chapter.
Send out PR on the FHS Memorial Day program
Do my article and pre-post for COTT - peruse the site; folow up on more feedback for back cover copy
Plan lunch with Cherie
Do the TOTW stuff for Syndie
Do my flag day article and recipe for BarnDoor now that I have the pictures
Character tour for Ralene
Post Linda Rohrbough's stuff and send her links
PenTalk - follow up on contact with Carol
Post up Julie Carboni stuff for May 14
Paula's lunch stuff May 9 - post up
follow up with Charity about June 6 or 7 interview
follow up with Kerry at BL
Work on Random Lake Library workshop series
Figure out a groovy gift for my goddaughter's June 4 graduation
Work on Creative Wisconsin magazine which goes to the print May 15 and I'm only about 1/5 into set-up; follow up on ads and member books for the bookshelf; finish getting ready for the conference this weekend at which I not presenting, thank you
Post Judy Bridges book stuff
Spend time with the WORD
treadmill and do my gut and butt clenches and throat stretches
I should wash my hair today, which is a job unto itself
Stare at the honking TBR pile of books and look longinly at my Kindle
Check out PYPliaison site once
Keep tabs on the ACFW Course loop responses and respond when necessary
Keep up with the infestation of lady beetles and box elder bugs
Look at the blue sky, remind myself it's still really cold out so I don't feel guilty about not going out to whack more weeds and violets
Thank my precious Lord for friends like Patty who will watch the Barn Door site for me, and others who encourage and pray for and with me
Make dinner and clean up
Listen to the Brewers game :) Ah....

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