Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Annette Irby's Husband Material

Husband Material

By Annette M. Irby

c. 2011

eBook, White Rose Publishing  $.99

Pelican Book Group
Romance Novella

This sweet little read from Annette Irby will satisfy that need for time-constrained readers who long for a whole story in a short byte.

Restaurant-owner Lara meets recent widower Wyatt at the grocery store. From the moment she empathizes with Wyatt in front of the Valentine’s Day display she prays for him without knowing the reason for his sadness. Later, he eats alone at her restaurant and we understand that this year is different. Wyatt’s two-year-old grief has morphed into loneliness.

The mutual attraction and concern for each other sparks early.

Irby does a good job setting her characters and scenes, using the senses to tickle with reader and draw him or her into the conversation as these two people get to know each other.

Wyatt, the businessman, appreciates what Lara, a businesswoman in her own right, goes through to earn a living. He’s ready to move on and Lara feels like a natural fit. They’re both in their early thirties, unattached, but Lara is recovering from a broken relationship and, besides, could use his help. She doesn’t mix business and pleasure, even if the business embodies the perfect husband material.

When Wyatt trades food for his consulting fees, Lara accepts reluctantly, sticking to her pride and principles, even when she knows he’s interested in more than that from her. It doesn’t take long for Wyatt to come up with a plan to get past her principles, but can he get past the hurt in her life?

Irby’s great characters, honest dialogue, and rounded settings will make this novella a favorite romantic read.

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