Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kia ora! New From Splashdown...

From Grace Bridges:
Kia ora everyone! Boy, have we got a lot going on at Splashdown this month! Want one of our paperbacks for less than $3.00? Read on...

But first, our latest release, this time from the strange realms of science fiction:

Caffeine, by Ryan Grabow

"Supernatural: above, beyond, in excess of nature. If the meaning of life cannot be found in nature, then I must determine if the answer lies beyond it."
In an authoritarian and overstimulated 22nd-century America, all Brandon can do to relieve his pain is indulge in the computer-simulated fantasies of a network called Dynamic Reality...until a virus takes control of the simulation. A philosophical thrill ride like no other - don't miss this one.

Ebook Sale: As of right now through Sunday night, all our ebooks are priced at $2.99 - including our November new releases. That's a saving of at least 50% - Come on in and grab your choice! Kindle books are discounted direct at Amazon and all are collected HERE in our Amazon store; if you'd like a different format, just say the word and we'll send you a voucher.

Fred Warren's Feast
Not only did we release Fred's second novel, The Seer, just a few weeks ago. Now, Amazon is discounting his short story collection in paperback, Odd Little Miracles! At the time of writing the price had fallen to $2.78, and it's even eligible for their 4-for-3 special - which means you can get four real paper copies for under $9.00. The perfect odd little gift for, well, just about anyone! But don't dally - Amazon is notorious for changing prices around at their whim. This discount is not under our control, so get it while the gettin's good!

By the way, the same 4-for-3 promotion also applies to Aquasynthesis, our collection of stories from all Splashdown authors to date. Something for all reading tastes, with companion stories to many of our novels.

~Grace and the team at Splashdown

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