Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing Tim Fox's new book
Journeys: An Ice-Age Adventure

Journeys; An Ice Age Adventure

About the Book
Twelve year-old Mark Jamison is a thinker and a worrier. Ten year-old Barry is attuned to nature, but his focus quickly shifts from one item to the next. The brothers’ lives are further complicated by family tragedies. Their dad’s deployment to Afghanistan and their mom’s illness both ended badly. Rather than a wonderful journey, life has been hard. But when the boys discover a mastodon tooth and a spear point in the Baraboo Hills, powerful forces are unleashed that carry them across ages and propel them onto the adventure of two lifetimes. The brothers journey with mastodons and Paleo-Indians amid the landscape of Ice Age Wisconsin. They face giant predatory mammals, as well as predators of the human variety. They witness acts of courage and sacrifice. And through it all, the boys gain more of the strength, wisdom, and hope needed to face the obstacles of life’s journey.

Journeys; An Ice Age Adventure is a story that inspires excitement, laughter, and tears. Above all, it reminds us of the importance of hope and a sense of wonder.

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ISBN 978-0-9856411-0-8
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About the Author:
After a fourteen year teaching career, I had a fierce desire not only to write, but to pass on something special to my own kids. I love the Wisconsin landscape and feel a strong pull to its Ice Age connections – glacially sculpted landforms, fossil finds, Paleo Indian artifacts. These fuel my imagination and are part of what impelled me to write Journeys; An Ice Age Adventure.

Tim Fox is a personal fitness trainer and “Olympic-style” weightlifting coach. He can’t resist picking up big, heavy things!

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