Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Review: YA fantasy allegory from Lorilyn Roberts

At 99 cents, this book makes a great Christmas gift for your tween's Kindle!

Seventh Dimension - The Door

The Seventh Dimension-The Door

By Lorilyn Roberts
Oct 14, 2012, Amazon Digital

YA Adventure/Fantasy
$.99 E-book

A truly epic adventure for readers of all ages: although Lorilyn calls this a YA coming of age story, it's every bit as wondrous for adults. The author has studied the classics, and only subsequent reads will help you find the planted symbolism that makes Seventh Dimension-The Door a clever read.

You'll find a loving nod to Pilgrim's Progress if you follow the little white dog into the woods. Shale Snyder has a dreadful accident as a young girl, and finds it difficult to forgive herself or move forward when the victim refuses to accept her grief or confession. Grief is accompanied by hatred which colors Shale's world.

She is given a second chance, however, in a fantastic land of talking animals (grown from Roberts's first story, The Donkey and the King), an allegory which makes teaching your children about forgiveness, good and evil, a much easier task. Follow Shale and her new friends as she travels on an adventure of a lifetime to find the king while also growing out of her bad habits into a self-assured young woman who learns obedience and gratitude despite willfulness in the face of despair. Finding the father she always wanted, and his new wife and mysterious servants, help Shale unravel the truth of her long-ago accident, and face the consequences with a clean heart.

Truth, time travel, self-doubt, sacrifice, forgiveness and even all four loves, are explored in depth in this soon-to-be beloved tale of supernatural grace. Told in third person from Shale's point of view, with humor, dread, sorrow and shame, Roberts's time-honored story-telling will make you feel part of the adventure and eagerly anticipating the next book.


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