Thursday, August 29, 2013

Book Review: Middle Grade Hawaiian Island Detective Club, book 3

Ukuleles Undercover (Hawaiian Island Detective Club, book 3)  Cheryl Martin

Middle Grade Readers
Comfort Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1938388286
Paperback, $8.99 

When threats and warnings intermingle with the melodic sounds of ukuleles at the local music school, Leilani and The Hawaiian Island Detective Club members set off to solve another case! Who could be behind the threats? Could it be Leilani's mean math teacher, Mr. Edwards, who also happens to be her mom's new boyfriend? Or, perhaps it's Chad Rivers, Mrs. Lee's former boyfriend. Can Leilani learn to balance the case with her own new-found love? Could there be a third culprit in their midst? One thing is for sure: when it comes to the Hawaiian Island Detective Club, some things aren't what they seem! 

My review:

What a delight to catch up with the Hawaiian Island Detective Club. They’ve had a busy summer, and now that Leilani’s cast is off her arm, she’s surfing again—with the cute new boy in the neighborhood who is in her grade at school.
This time pesky little brother Kimo is responsible for the new mystery, when he reports that someone is leaving nasty notes at his after-school music lessons. Leilani’s more of an outdoor girl, and the thought of playing a musical instrument, even if it was a joyful memory of her late father’s ukulele playing, makes her cringe. Worse than staying inside three times a week to be embarrassed at music is the fact that her math teacher, strict Mr. Edwards, might be romantically linked to her mom!
Join the charming group of eighth graders as they delve into their latest adventure to help Kimo’s music teacher, klutziness, hives, and dreamboat eyes included. Kids will love the humor and feel at home with these characters; grown-ups will remember all the angst and sweetness of being on the verge of teenaged.
Cheryl Martin is a graduate of the University of Oregon. After pursuing a successful Parks and Recreation career, Ms. Martin now focuses on her passion - writing mystery novels. The Hawaiian Island Detective Club combines her love of all things Hawaiian and her fascination with intrigue. A wife and mother of three grown children, memories of raising her spirited kids inspire many of her characters' quirks, relationships, and mishaps.

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