Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Review: Swept Up by the Sea

Review of Swept Up By the Sea, a romantic fairy tale
By Tracy and Laura Hickman
(c) 2013 ShadowMountain 

ISBN 9781609076610
9.95 E-book

A cunning and delightful mash-up of Pirates of Penzance, Princess Bride, and little Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and On Stranger Tides makes Swept Up By the Sea creates an ingenious  laugh-a-second suspension from reality break.

Labeled a fairy-tale romance, the Hickmans have created a cozy world where minotaurs and dwarves, nyads and dryads, djins, humans and pirates all live together by the sea.

Apparently engaged to Vestia, the girl next door, the naïve and silly Percival Taylor sets out on an adventure before he gets hitched, based on the advice of a suspect fortune teller. He soon becomes the romantic hero he thinks he is to the governor’s insipid daughter Tuppence and begins a rather involved quest to woo her, all the while being chased by Vestia, and used for their own mysterious purposes by the town shipwright and a professor.

Naturally there’s a pirate ship involved, a nyad who always wants just one more thing and the troublesome issue of finding their way back into a genie’s bottle, and—oh yes, fending off the ghost ship. Hearts are offered and won, lost things come home, gumption restored, and virtue is saved.

Adventure, romance, danger on the high seas…with touching moments as well as many humorous ones will keep readers who enjoy the causal and impossible fairy tale setting with a satisfying layer of reality turning pages as fast as they can—like I did.

Well done!

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