Sunday, December 1, 2013

Holiday Books on special and great prize drawing with Jill Richardson

From December 1-16, 2013 these fellow John 316 Marketing Network authors invite you to join in our special holiday book push. Sign up for a chance to win great prizes, and take advantage of the special e-book pricing during these few weeks. I'll also be featuring tidbits of news about my fellow authors, and I'll have a turn on other blogs.

Today, meet Jill Richardson!

Five Favorites:

Favorite city you’ve visited -Tough question, because I LOVE to travel. My favorite cities have been Paris and Venice, and I would return any day. Here, I love Seattle (lived there). But how about if I be different and tell people they really should visit Halifax? It's far less known, but it's got tons of charm, great food, and the Atlantic Ocean at its doorstep. Small enough to not feel crowded. I love anywhere I can see tall ships and eat fresh seafood.
Favorite food -I could get by on chocolate and cheese, if necessary. 
Favorite authors – JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Jane Austen, Victor Hugo. Favorite living people I read lately? Malcolm Gladwell, Jen Hatmaker, Tim Keller.
Favorite book you’ve read in the last three months - Just finished The Divine Commodity, Skye Jethani. It really makes you think and struggle with how much we view church, and God, as things we can consume rather than a community we live with and give to and a Lord we worship. Fantastic wake up to living in a messy world with commitment and love instead of choosing what aspects of God and his people we want to take in and which we don't. 
Favorite historical person (fiction or non) - Wow. I'm going to go with fictional and pick my favorite character I look at in my book--Eowyn. She's tough and vulnerable and fearless and terrified all at the same time. Fascinatingly complex. And so relatable. I love strong female characters who are still frightened by the world but not afraid to take it on.

About the Book: 
Hobbits, elves, and dragons have become common fantasy characters but do they have more relevance to your life than you think? Are they as real as, or the same as, people you meet every day? Maybe not literally, but J.R.R. Tolkien's famous characters bring to life real character qualities we all can learn from, whether good or bad. What can the bravery of a hobbit, the faith of a elf, or the greed of a dragon teach teens about themselves? How can their stories lead us to the real Kingdom where God is working out way more than a fantasy for his people? Dig in to these familiar characters and relevant Bible passages to find out. Come out understanding how to live your own epic story!

About the Author:
Jill Richardson's love for hobbits and elves comes from her time as a literature teacher and as a lifelong reader of great stories. She also loves an epic challenge and a chance for grace wherever they exist. Jill has a BA in English and Education and an MDiv in theology and is an ordained minister who has served as a worship, preaching, and discipleship pastor. She has published five books, as well as articles in national magazines such as FamilyFun, Discipleship Journal, and Today's Christian Woman. Jill loves to speak on a variety of topics to many age groups. With three daughters, three cats, and one husband, she keeps busy otherwise with community theater, gardening, scrapbooking, and traveling.

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