Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Support Operation All the Way Home with a great book, Room Four

AJ Knauss returns with a special request to support
Operation All the Way Home.
I introduced AJ and her book Room Four at Wisconsin Author Review. Read the post.

 Recently she sent this request:

Hi Lisa,

I have partnered with Operation All the Way Home to donate all my book proceeds until the end of my current army tour to their organization.  OATH is a group of high school students who are building an accessible home for SPC Jerral Hancock. On his birthday, he became paralyzed, burned and lost his left arm in Iraq.  He has two young kids and an indomitable spirit.

As a physician I know too well that the acute trauma care we provide is only a small part, the long road after is everything.  kids and Mr. Hancock are truly inspiring.

They are over halfway there in fundraising and I think they could get there so quickly if word spread.

Thank you again for your support of Wisconsin authors!

MAJ Anne Johnson MD
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

author of ROOM FOUR, AJ Knauss

Mission Statement
    OATH is a grass-roots, community effort created and organized by the Pride of the Nation students of Lancaster High School.  
    The mission of Operation All The Way Home (OATH) is to assist veterans of the United States Armed Forces with the acquisition of housing, both permanent and transitional. OATH also assists veterans with other needs as they relate to assimilating into civilian life after completion of their service.
    OATH's current mission is to raise funds and break ground for construction of a new home for wounded warrior, Jerral Hancock, within one year. Committed to working from June 1, 2013 to June 1, 2014, the students have enlisted for a one-year "tour of duty" to make this happen.  

About the book:

It's just after Christmas and Alan Fries, hapless accountant, wonders why nurses with antler hats are hovering over him. He endures a three day coma stuck with only Jerry for company, an 87-year-old crank who died in the same room earlier but is waiting for someone to sign the death certificate. Jerry and Alan becomes dead flies on the wall of an aging Chicago hospital and observe the staff...the doctor who leaves his sperm sample in the work fridge, the veteran nurse putting the kibosh on an intern's crush, the holiday hamfork injuries and the various nutcases who file through the ER doors. When they uncover a billing scandal and the truth about the corrupt CEO who is bankrupting the hospital they get to work. But can they put the proof in front of the eyes of the living in time? Can they save the hospital before driving each other crazy? Will Alan get resuscitated and start the bucket list he never had? A grouchy, laugh-out-loud, heartwarming tale of how tough love shines through the crustiest exterior.

ISBN: 978-1477572436
$11.95 Print
$3.79 E-book

Connect with AJ:
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