Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: Colors of Feelings LaToya Watson Children's Picture book

Colors of Feelings
LaToya Watson
Children’s picture book
Publish America
ISBN 9781630844202
$5.99 ebook; paperback and hardcover editions available
c. January 2014

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Colors of Feelings is a great book about children who experience different feelings for each color of the rainbow.

My review:

Darling large format picture book with a four-stanza poem on the first pages and a longer one at the end. Features red (the color of my heart), orange, yellow (the golden sun), green, blue, pink, the color of a plum tree. Word choices are above most young readers, however the colors and simple illustrations format will draw your infant or toddler’s eyes and delight them; the rhythmic words create a pleasant sound, and the shortness will allow most readers to get through the story with a squirmy kid.

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