Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Suspense! The Dividing Stone by Anita Estes

Anita Estes debut novel
ISBN 978-1681872001
January 19, 2016
Tate Publishing
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Peppered with mystery and intrigue, The Dividing Stone engages the reader in a dynamic interplay of supernatural forces, reflecting the  multifaceted reasons for the demolition of marriages and division in the church. It explores the spiritual and human dynamics involved in the treacherous plot to destroy believers, and the extraordinary power of prayer to overcome evil

From the back:
A sinister, dark force hovers over the unsuspecting valley when Margo Pierson discovers a tattered letter illuminating a mysterious ancestor and warning them of "a diabolical evil that stalks this town." Though preoccupied with preparations for the prestigious craft show, Margo, the young potter, is catapulted into a quest to unearth the truth and expose the uncanny murder of her namesake. Unwittingly, she and her companions stumble upon an ancient stone that holds the secret to both the past and present dangers. Caught off guard by her nemesis, Bill Guiles, he kidnaps Ms. Pierson and attempts to erase all she discovered of the secret society. Will their plans be thwarted? Will havoc be the new order? Will relationships be ruined and marriages annihilated? As the forces of good and evil engage in a spiritual battle in the heavenly realm, can Margo survive and foil the deadly curses set in motion centuries ago?

Come join Margo Pierson and friends for a roller-coaster ride and supernatural adventure of your life!

The Dividing Stone
No one can escape it. 

A brief interview with the author:

L: Anita, tell us why you wrote The Dividing Stone.

A: I started writing bits and pieces of the Dividing Stone many years ago when I was trying to understand why our vibrant church was being ripped apart and disintegrated before our eyes. We were leaving in a liberal college town known for its openness to New Age philosophy, covens and magic and I began to wonder if the spiritual atmosphere was the cause for the break up. If we were engaged in a spiritual battle, we had no idea it was so powerful.

L: Wow, Anita, that sounds like quite an experience. What drove you on?

A: Because of the historical significance of the area, I felt compelled to do some research about the town and found some connections to what I believed might be some underlying causes of division. Though the story deals with dark forces and spiritual battles in the heavenly places, the "diabolical evil that stalks the town" is bent on  dividing and destroying  Christians and the tiny band of prayer warriors of which the main character, Margo Pierson, becomes their chief target.

L: Tell us about the plot, Anita.

A: When I began to develop the plot for the book, I wove in some of my own experiences during this time, my research and what I believed God inspired me to write. Being a lover of  mysteries, I embedded this  into the plot and intertwined the spiritual and other aspects. At that time, I became a fan of Frank Peretti and found that my writing was similar to his. It was then that I incorporated scenes with the demons and angels, which I believe make it more powerful.

L: You've written non-fiction before. How long did it take you to write this book?

A: It took me years to write because I was waiting on God to guide me through. Every time I wrote something more, it was validated by research or something that I actually discovered. For example, when I started incorporating the freemasons into the historical component and general plot, I discovered at Sturbridge Village a building that had a room set aside for the Mason's meetings. The all knowing eye was painted on the ceiling.

L: Were you worried about making the story too dark?

A: I struggled with the plot at times being too "cutting edge" and dealing with a very dark evil. When I first started writing The Dividing Stone the group I had in mind were the worst I could imagine, but as ISIS began to be exposed for their cruel beheading, crucifixions and torture of Christians, the pages of the book leaped out as real. Thought it took me over twenty years to complete, I believe the timing is perfect and the message of The Dividing Stone relevant to what is happening today to Christians. 

L: Sounds exciting, Anita! Best wishes.

To find out more about Anita and her work, Visit her blog.

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