Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Biblical nonfiction from Guy Right


Who Told YouThat You Were Naked?
Guy Right

c. 2016
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About the Book:
Are You Facing Trials & Hard Challenges? Does God want to rescue you? Do you want Him to?

There is a grace revolution sweeping the world - the return to the New Covenant of grace as explained in the Bible. The Bible says that if we have to work for grace then grace is not grace. Grace is the unearned and undeserved favor of God. This book is a product of grace, where it is not our obedience but the obedience of Son of God that provides us with a way out in life when there is simply no way. We are rescued, not because we are good, but because God is good! Are you desperate? Are you suffering and in pain? Is the naked truth about your sins and failures disqualifying you from God’s help? Then you need to know that only the unworthy qualify for God’s grace. If you need to receive God’s help, then this book will change your mind about God and position you to receive the abundant life that Jesus promised.

My Review:
This non-fiction walk through the Bible by the author, a godly Christian businessman, is meant to dispel some of the more common misconceptions, or urban myths, many folks, even other Christians, have held about God. I always approach these types of books, no matter who the author is, leery about biblical interpretation, but I found Who Told You? to be an intriguing and informative read.

From the author’s comment in chapter two, “There is no insignificant detail in the Bible,” to his discourse in chapter sixteen about “natural” disasters, Right shares cross-referenced Old and New Testament verse proofs with resources about how people came to believe certain disparaging untruths about our heavenly Father. I had never heard about the ancient interpretation of the skin with which God replaced Adam and Eve’s clumsy attempt to retrieve their garments of glory they cast off when they gave themselves to Satan’s lies, but it certainly makes sense.

Focusing on the Garden of Eden and the connection to Job specifically, Right discusses the nature of mankind created in God’s image and clothed with glory, and Satan’s lie that we are naked. Always focusing on the act of grace, the author reminds us that God is love and is not the author of disaster, but surrounds us with His protection. Naked we might come into the world, but through God’s redemption, we do not have to depart that way.

Other obscure connections, such as the symbolism the particular stone Satan tempted Jesus with and the number of days between the Ark resting on Ararat and the Passover are certainly interesting for those who enjoy finding codes and marveling at the fascinating writing of the Bible. This book is not for those who are new to the faith or have spent little time in dedicated Bible study. My bottom line is, “Does this information affect my salvation?” The answer here is no. Who Told You? adds some interesting concepts to my faith, but remains consistently on the foundation of the redemptive gift of God’s only Son.

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