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Historical romance with Nancy Bolton

Answering Sarah

Nancy Shew Bolton
Prism Book Group

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ISBN  978-1533575661
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Historical fiction

About the book: After a fire destroys their home when she was a girl, Sarah’s family rebuilds their lives, yet the echoes of the fire’s damage remain. Sarah learned to turn inward, and keep her curious mind to herself, asking God all the questions that her own father used to delight in. But the fire silenced her father, and spread the stillness to the rest of them. Yet Sarah longs to express herself, to find answers to all her questions. A new, young pastor arrives, and captivates her heart. The prospect of a challenging and unexpected life dances before her, but then is held out of her reach. And with the new possibilities come questions she’s never asked herself before. Is she ready for the answers?

My Review:
What a delightful though slower-paced historical romance. Bolton uses interesting antagonists to weave the two love interests into a true cord of three strands throughout a courtship to their wedding.

I love a too-good-to-be-true hero. While true that the pastor, Mark, must undergo a transformation from his initial declaration of pure service to God to that of sharing his life with a God-ordained helpmeet, he does so with little struggle. Even the temptation of being with Sarah and the major obstacles in their way are a bloodless coup. But I meant what I said. I enjoyed this pastor’s maturity and would love to learn at his feet. Our heroine, Sarah, has all the right ingredients, too, in a youthful and spunky joie de vivre. Her solutions to handling her parents are a good lesson for us all. Her deep-seated faith life was truly inspirational.

Bolton’s setting of small town America during late settlement is a good microcosm of personalities and opinions. I was afraid for the fate of the library, and am only slightly shocked that times haven’t changed all that much. A local book club I belong to tries to read at least one “banned” book a year—only they keep changing! Readers will have to check this book for some sweet and entertaining way to deal with curmudgeons.

Answering Sarah is told through the eyes of both Sarah and Mark. Sarah learns not only to ask her questions at the right time and place, but to learn when silence is a golden, mature option. I enjoyed this story, and though it is quite long, it didn’t feel as though it dragged and kept me reading into the next chapters even when I knew my time was up. Recommended for those who enjoy rural and rustic historical romance that takes its sweet time to be told by achingly sweet and respectable characters who know when to pull the reins and when to smack them.

About the Author:
Nancy Shew Bolton is a wife of 43 years, mother of five grown sons, and grandmother to a boy and girl. Ever since she learned to write, she would jot down her thoughts and impressions in little snippets of inspiration in the form of poetry, song lyrics, or short essays. About six years ago, she decided to try her hand at writing a full length book. She’s since written five works of fiction, two non-fiction, and is working on an idea for a children’s book, as well as more fiction manuscripts. 

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