Friday, February 1, 2019

Kimberly Miller presents Forgiving Tess

Forgiving Tess by [Miller, Kimberly M.]

Forgiving Tess by Kimberly Miller
Prism Lux, an imprint of Pelican Ventures
Inspirational Romance

EBook $5.99
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About the Book
Tess Carson had finally turned her life around. After a string of bad decisions, she was making amends, paying back debts, and working to bring her family back together. It was her own forgiveness that remained elusive.

So when Tess’s childhood crush re-enters her chaotic life, she’s certain it’s the worst time for romance. Even if he still has those mesmerizing dimples.

In Tess’s eyes, Josh Thorne has it all. As a youth pastor with a thriving ministry, he’s exactly what she needs. He’s stable, kind, confident, and not afraid of Tess’s troubled past—even if she still has an entire town that insists her sins will never be forgotten.

But when the demons of her past collide with the incredible promise of her future, Tess wonders if it’s possible to forget and if she has enough courage in her to forgive.

About the Author
Kimberly Miller is currently a professor of writing and film courses at a small Christian college in Pennsylvania. Her interests include screenwriting as well as novel writing, although she can, at times, be conned into academic writing as well. Kimberly especially enjoys developing interesting, deep characters who speak in unique and yet realistic ways. She also enjoys all aspects of the movie industry (especially classic Hollywood), coffee and chocolate and peanut butter, all of which are God’s gifts to the world.

A Brief Interview with the Author
What do I love about this book: One of the things that excites me most about Forgiving Tess is its relatability. We’ve all done things that we wish we hadn’t and we often even hang onto them for much longer than we ought to. Despite knowing better, and even saying we understand we’ve been forgiven, we struggle to fully accept God’s forgiveness. I hope this story reaches anyone in this situation so that they might find the peace of God’s love and forgiveness in their own lives.

Things I learned while researching this story: I definitely learned that I have areas of my life that I need to ask forgiveness for, but more importantly others that I need to let go of because I’ve already been forgiven.

Characters who made me laugh: One of my favorite characters in this story is definitely Tess’s Uncle Stu. Not only is he an amazing representation of the complete love we should have for one another, he also has an edge and a dry sense of humor that slips out at just the right time. He gives Tess the push she needs when she needs it, but he also lets her find her way through the hurt, even as he helps her to see the light in the dark times as well.

What do I hope readers will tell others?  I hope readers will say they enjoyed the characters and related to them, but also that they saw the story as a good reminder to love others where they are, and to forgive more easily than the always believed they could.

What am I reading now? I am currently almost finished reading an advanced copy of William Romanowski’s Cinematic Faith (spoiler alert! It’s awesome!)

What’s next? Since I’m heading back into the spring semester of teaching my writing schedule will slow down a lot, but I am working on two new novels, so I’m hoping to finish those by the summer.

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