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Stacey Weeks and SUSPENSE

Fatal Homecoming 
Stacey Weeks
Christian Suspense
Pursued Books, a division of Write Integrity Press
c. February, 2019
$6.50 eBook
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About the Book
As Jessie Berns returns to her hometown of Chenaniah River to find answers about her brother’s suspicious death, undercover RCMP officer Rick Chandler poses as a detective in the same small town, investigating the possibility of a corrupt police force. 

With Rick’s help, Jessie pursues a truth that someone is willing to do anything to keep hidden—even kill again. They uncover decades-old conspiracies hinting at hidden sins that threaten the lifestyles of numerous people in the small town. As they close in on the devious mastermind manipulating the community, it becomes frighteningly clear that Jessie is the killer’s new target.
For a teaser of Chapter One, click here.

A Brief Interview with the Author
What do you love about this book?
I love the fast pace of Fatal Homecoming. I don’t enjoy scenes that slow the pace of a story, so I love that Fatal Homecoming moves quickly and with urgency.

Tell us about your favorite character in your new book.
I love Jessie Berns in Fatal Homecoming. She has a never give up tenacious attitude that drives Rick crazy but serves her well.

Share a couple of things you learned while researching or writing this story.
For Fatal Homecoming I interviewed an RCMP officer, kept a retired police officer (now private investigator) on speed dial, interviewed a paramedic, and spoke at length to a former police sniper. I learned so much about conducting an investigation and first responders to an emergency. It was very helpful because Jessie finds herself in several dangerous situations.  

What do you hope readers will tell others?
I hope they say the truths of God’s character, what He has done for them, and His great love for them lingers long after they close the book.

What are you reading now? I am reading Identity Theft – a nonfiction book. It’s GREAT.

What's next? I’m almost finished a second nonfiction title, Chasing Holiness. My next fiction project will be a sequel to Mistletoe Melody, which released in December 2018

Fatal Homecoming releases Feb 5th, and if you purchase it on release day you can receive a bonus short story, The Girl He Never Knew. Just email proof of purchase to freebookforpreorder@gmail.com and my publisher will send the file the next business day. 

About the Author

Stacey Weeks is the multi-award-winning author of Glorious Surrender (2016), inspirational romances The Builder’s Reluctant Bride (2016), Mistletoe Melody (2018), and inspirational romantic suspense novels In Too Deep (2017), and Fatal Homecoming (2019). Stacey lives in Ontario where she speaks at women’s conferences, teaches writing and bible study workshops, and writes about the things of the Lord. www.staceyweeks.com

Blogs and Quarterly Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cZgDb9 
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