Sunday, March 11, 2012

Autobiography with a Purpose

The Right Way: A Journey Into the Light

By Robert O Russell

 Belief Books, with SilverWood Books Empowered Publishing, United Kingdom

c. 2011

 ISBN: 9781906236670

Mr. Russell’s autobiography is a witness to his life journey to faith in Christ. He shares his story in the hope that it will touch readers who may have similar questions to his regarding matters of faith, failure, brokenness and restoration.

Mr. Russell explains his biography is a foreword and acknowledgments, as well as his favorite Psalm and poem.

We are all shaped by our experiences and influenced by family events, so the author begins with early childhood memories and the family tale of his home-birth. His father passed away when Mr. Russell was very young, and the author draws frequently on the things he was told and believed about his father.

Looking backward, the author analyzes his life choices in both zeal and obedience and risk taking and being raised by a single mother as the foundation for his personality and eventual career choices. Readers can’t help but watch Mr. Russell’s life unfold while both cheering and wanting to delve in and smack him for making decisions we think he should avoid. Mothers shake their heads, wring their hands and pray.

The authors’ vulnerability in how he shares what happened to unravel his marriage with equal culpability, his health issues and emotional instability, and the eventual divorce is a lesson for those who may find themselves in a similar predicament.

Mr. Russell talks openly about the divorce and his reaction, his return to church and the resulting rededication to Christ. This story showcases what the author has done to reclaim and turn his life around, what his faith means to him and how he acts upon it. He offers more of his poetry and a personal invitation to know Jesus.

More than a simple autobiography, Mr. Russell truly desires to share his story for God’s glory as well as offer help and hope to those who need it.

A representative of Mr. Russell requested a review prior to a US tour and provided an advance reader copy.


  1. On reading your review of my book 'The Right Way', I was convinced for just a moment that you were there beside me when I was growing up. Intuitive to say the least, and most definitely on the ball as to the way I think. Excellent review, and thank you're thoughtfulness.


  2. Correction... and thank you for you're thoughtfulness.

  3. Glad to, Robert. I hope you enjoy your promotional journey. Sometimes I felt like I could hear you speaking.