Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gems of Wisdom for a Treasure-Filled Life

Journey Press, a division of Sheaf House

c. 2011

ISBN: 9781936438044
$14.99 paperback

Gems of Wisdom is a non-fiction journey to healing of feelings of Injustice and Unfairness of life through stories and questions and journaling.

Filled with personal stories, the author shows the reader how to read “Fairness” through “Pique Points,” “Pirates,”  “Pondering Points,” and “Polishing Points.”

Normality, loss, reason, acceptance and empathy are all relative and everyone comes to recognize life according to her experiences. Those who started on a sure and firm foundation have a different conclusion of how life is meant to be lived and enjoyed than those who grew up in uncertainty and lack of mature adult role models.

Identifying negative attitudes (pirates) the author offers real gems and their accompanying healing concepts to fill your treasure chest with new practices. Gems of Wisdom includes personal resolutions to cope, grow up, learn from pain and reach out to others.

The author is a former Mrs. Montana and is certified in mentor/peer counseling. She is a speaker and sales from the supporting Gems of Wisdom jewelry line supports the Sanctuary of Hope Homes in Kenya.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review and posting about Gems of Wisdom! I so appreciate it.