Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Review: Give Us This Day with June Foster

Bellewood Book One: Give Us This Day

Give Us This Day

By June Foster

Bellewood Series, Book One

Desert Breeze Publishing

c. February 1, 2012

eBook $4.99

ISBN 9781612521343

From the moment Holly gets stuck in an elevator with neighbor Jess and his heartfelt prayers to God, neither of them let her go.

Dental hygienist Holly Harrison is running from more than her past. Even handsome Jess Colton, a systems analyst, who makes her keep her promise to attend church if she survived the elevator, can’t force her into forgiving herself, let alone trust him – or God.

Overweight Jess uses food as a crutch, never dreaming Holly’s secret is close to his own. Compensating for stress, girlfriend and family issues, Jess had let himself overcompensate with an unhealthy lifestyle that only allows him to beat himself up. Will anything help he get out of this terribly self-destructive cycle?

When Jess’s preoccupation with food and its consolation threaten his livelihood, and Holly’s fears of revelation keep her prisoner from enjoying life to its fullest, these two souls turn to each other. But is love and faith enough to overcome their deepest doubts in themselves and each other?

Give Us This Day is a wonderful story that lets readers explore our insecurities without the fears of getting burned or judged – exactly what’s needed in a fantasy world of twenty-something cuties, wounded widows, endless Amish, and prairie dust. Thank you, June!

With wonderful sensory images, the surprises keep unfolding in this delightful and refreshing romance of unlikely souls learning to love themselves as well as each other.

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