Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Review: The Big Red Chair by Brenda J Wood

The Big Red Chair: A story for Grieving Children
Including audio CD of the story narrated by the author inthe print version

By Brenda J Wood

ISBN: 9780986531385
c. 2011
Alloway’s Printing and Publishing
32-page photo picture book

$3.99 eBook
Print can be ordered from

Wood’s charming story in rhyme features Grandfather Afi’s Big Red Chair. The chair is special for all family members, for hugs, naps, playtime; even laundry.

The tale begins with “We did not want a big red chair” until the time came Grandmother Ammi decides she would like the chair since Afi does. When Afi needs to be in the hospital, he misses his Big Red Chair. And when God calls Afi home, the rest of the family remember Afi’s love, especially when they use his chair.

More than a family tale, Wood’s book shares the love of a special grandfather who leaves fond memories in the everyday item they all enjoyed: his favorite chair. The pictures used to illustrate the book are a treasure and nearly any family can relate to them. A discussion guide meant to help young ones recall their friends or family members with love is included.

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