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Five Questions with fantasy author Chris Hibbard

Five Questions with Chris Hibbard

Welcome Chris who shares about his new book, Journey to Terreldor, which happens to have lots of special goodies in the offering today for those who purchase the book on Amazon.

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Join Mark and his brother as they find themselves in a strange world filled with impossibility and adventure. Faced with tragedy and trial, Mark is forced to draw upon strengths and develop skills he never expected himself capable of. The brothers are taken in by mentors who claim to hold the secrets of true wisdom and maturity. In their endeavors, they learn the most difficult lessons in life are often found on the path home.

Begin the adventure in Journey to Terreldor, then follow these brothers as they are cast into peril in Terreldor at War. Discover the culmination of their odyssey in The Long Path Home.

ISBN: 0615643825


What do you love about this book?

[Chris] I love being able to engage readers through entertainment, while bringing them topics to ponder--relevant topics I hope they will appreciate.

What have you learned about writing and yourself since you started this book?

[Chris] Writing is easy--editing is hard. I've learned how to engage a larger audience, and to leave them with something they didn't have before they picked up my book.

Tell about your latest release.

[Chris] Journey to Terreldor is the first volume in the "Adventures in Terreldor" trilogy. It is centered on a teenager who finds himself in a strange world, with no memories of how he arrived. As he discovers this new world, he finds himself caught up in a conflict that threatens to divide a kingdom, and destroy many lives in the balance. He learns life's most difficult lessons are often found on the path home.

What three things do you know now about the publishing world that you wish you knew when you first started?

[Chris] How random the selection process can be. (Never give up.)

Marketing a book can be as difficult as writing it.

Indie writers need a community of support for gaining exposure.


What are the five best things writers can do to meet the challenges of the 21st century?

Recognize a "top-5" publisher doesn't offer as much as they used to, in today's increasingly digital world

Give something away before you try to sell your work

Learn to better edit your manuscripts

Plan on doing plenty of research; you need to be knowledgeable to write well.

Grammar, grammar, and more grammar.

Chris M. Hibbard was born in the suburbs of New Jersey, the second of three brothers. His family soon moved to Alaska, where he grew up scrambling over the mountains and beaches of a remote village wedged between thickly wooded peaks and deep fjords. His childhood shaped in him an early love for family and the outdoors, and inspired such hobbies as wildlife photography, grafting fruit trees, and horticulture.
His first novel began as a collection of stories he invented to entertain his children. He, his wife and four children make their home in the Piney Woods of Texas.
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