Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Forty Days of Encouragement, with Pauline Creeden

By Pauline Creeden 

Forty days of Recovering Grace


AltWit Press
C. 2012 

ISBN: 978-1480030725
$2.99 Kindle
$8.99 Paperback

Creeden’s dedication, “For those who, like me, find themselves in the middle of the lake of life without a paddle” says a lot about what to expect in this nifty little guide of forty days’ worth of lessons to change a habit of poor choices.

From the opening lesson of choosing to draw near to God through better prayer through cutting off “unfruitful” aspects of our lives, to doing what we are commanded to being teachable and seeking forgiveness and grace when we need it, each day opens with Scripture and ends with prayer – a habit in itself easy to seek.

This encouraging guide may be small but packs a huge impressive punch. You will certainly be uplifted and challenged as you read through these days and practice each lesson. Definitely a good gift to share with someone you love.

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