Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book Review: novella, Miss Fishfly, by Linda Glaz

Miss Fishfly by Linda Glaz
White Rose
c. July 2013
$2.99 eBook

Romance novella

A companion piece and sequel to Polar Bear Plunge, Glaz’s romantic novella explores the story of Aleni and Brice’s friend Christie Hayes, also a nurse with a past, and Colton Keller, a fellow book subject.

There’s chemistry at first sight when Christie meets Cole at Aleni and Brice’s wedding. But Christie is unsure of herself and her track record with men, and convinces Cole that they can be just friends—without benefits.

Since Cole is coming away from a bad relationship with a woman who left him during his captivity in Iraq, he can go with Christie’s suggestion—until his own feelings start to get in the way. He is torn between being able to trust someone who takes such care of his grandfather, someone who is so caring and good to her patients, even after they’re no longer her patients.

Grandfather Hartway helps knock their heads together so they can see how good they’d be for each other, even with all the misunderstandings. Setting the example by doing all he can at the end of his life to see forgiveness and to forgive family members who have wounded him and each other, he shows Colton how good it is to live and die free in Christ.

Help each other look past the hurts and choices of their pasts, the rough events that have shaped them, and look to the future where they are stronger together than selfishly alone, clinging to wounds instead of the Healer.

A romantic quick-reading novella, those who love a sweet, fast clean read about hurting souls finding faith and romantic love, will enjoy this Miss Fishfly.

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