Wednesday, January 15, 2014

book review: Ryan's Father by June Foster

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Ryan's Father
June Foster

January 2014
WhiteFire Publishing
ISBN: 978-1939023186

From the publisher:
A young man at war with himself
The rippling influence of Ryan Reid's less than moral mother and absent father left a mark on his soul. Yet everything changed when the young teacher gave his life to the Lord...almost everything.
An earthquake hurls the beautiful Sandy Arrington into his life, tossing his world upside down. But when God calls him to build an annex for needy teens at his church, he finds himself battling an attraction toward his male partner in the project. His own struggles and Sandy's growing feelings for him force Ryan to face the issue he's long buried.

Can he dig his way out from under his secret to find Sandy's love?

My review:
First of all, kudos to June Foster for writing so sensitively about a subject that’s normally taboo in inspirational fiction, and thank you to WhiteFire for publishing it.

Lust, temptation, sin is a daily struggle for many people, forgiven or not, Christ-loving or not. Those who have even looked with lust upon another are guilty of sin…what if a faithful, Christ-professing young man looked with lust upon another man? Ryan Reid’s torture is very real and genuinely and eloquently revealed in this story. His anguish weeps from the pages, and readers can’t help but lift him up as he painfully struggles to realign his life.

Ryan’s female love interest, Sandy, is confused by Ryan, thinking at first that he has feelings for his friend’s girlfriend. Her journey to realization includes much self-healing as well; honestly felt, shared, and reckoned with.

Foster’s lovingly written story is fiction; she admits that the struggle and recovery period aren’t meant as a guide for those who truly want to take back their lives, but the story is one of hope and grace.

Recommended for those who can handle the tough side of faith matters.

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