Monday, January 20, 2014

NEW YEAR NEW GOALS with Prism Book Group

Celebrating Jacqueline Hopper's one hundred thousandth blog viewer, a few of us teamed up to present a host of NEW YEAR GOALS and GIFTS for a special blog winner. Don't forget to sign up on rafflecopter, and hop along to the others in the group.

Here are Lisa's

Goals and Achievements 

I had the craziest year ever – reached goals I hadn’t even set out for, along with some that I did. I don’t know which surprised me more, but I know I’m leery of trying to set any for this year. I had way too many novels release (four, though one was a re-package, and one was part of an anthology—terrible problem, I know—but it is: you can really wear out your welcome in promotion circles), found a great new publisher, was asked to participate in another project, wrote a full-length novel and co-authored another, was nominated for mentor of the year by ACFW, won a state award for a children’s book, and made my earnings goal for the year. 

Those are just the tangible things. It’s not something I’m going to try to top, but I can put these things in perspective with what didn’t happen (pretty much anything with my agent), to set some goals for this year. I have one book release with Prism Book Group already, which I’m excited about. I have a lot of work lined up. I have a few writing projects started because of failed proposals. I can’t worry about my job as a freelance editor because that fluctuates, though the Lord was always there, carrying me this past year. 

Goal number one is to make a decision with my agent – done.
Goal number two – do final tweaks and get the manuscript I wrote last year submitted
Goal number three – finish at least two of the novellas I have started
Goal number four – publish the last four books of my children’s series, The First Children of Farmington
Goal number five – raise my earnings by ten percent

Finally, this is a goal I’ve set in motion, but perhaps there are multiple ways to work it out: seeing a book I’ve written distributed by How do you work out goals? What keeps you back, what propels you?


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  1. I'm almost finished reading "The Last Detail" - BUT I don't want it to end! Great read!

  2. Gosh, I love your goals. Very concrete. I love that the first one is accomplished already. Good luck on reaching them all.

  3. Your list is one that I understand--clear and definite. Good luck and congratulations on your success in 2013

  4. Great list and congrats on your success! May 2014 bring you eve more blessings!

  5. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I appreciate you reading, too, Carlene. I hope you'll talk to me about it when you're done.

  6. I always admire you for putting your goals out there. I think it helps to know where you want to go, even if God changes things along the way. You're doing great, Lisa, and I'm so proud and amazed of everything you accomplish.

  7. Congratulations on goals achieved, and best of luck on those for 2014.

  8. I have to agree with you on a crazy-busy year, having two releases and becoming an acquisitions editor. But, like you, I can't complain. God blessed my writing ministry this year, and I just want to be obedient to His use again. Praying you achieve all God wants for you in 2014. Love ya!

  9. Like you, my goals for this year build on last year's progress. Hope you meet all of yours! :-)

  10. Wishing you the best for 2014. Love your blog.

  11. Wow, lady! You have so much energy, I'm envious. How do you keep track of projects? Tell me, please, you have an admin aide. Any more steam and you'll fly off the tracks. All the best.

    1. Ha, Bonnie - I wish. My spiritual gift is admin, though as I get older and brain cells seem to come out with my hair follicles, it's getting scary. I have calendars and I write notes in big letters, and I have a wipe board on my left hand. I'm expecting ALL of my clients and three that have asked to bid on editing jobs to hand in their stuff this week at the same time. Then I'll totally freak, but at least my current interviews for Last Detail are all put to bed for now and my fabulous crit partner understands and loves me anyway.

  12. Loved your goals--very worthwhile and important. I have one major one: :) Finish three books this year. Ambitious? Yes the most ambitious I've been so far. Can I do it? I don't know, but I'll find out and whether I do or not, I'll be farther up the road. :) Best, Lisa!