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Autumn Dreams from Sharon McGregor

Sharon McGregor and Autumn Dreams
from Prism Book Group

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Autumn Dreams is a romance novella that takes place on the prairies in the late 1940s.

Maggie arrives at her new teaching job, to board with a family she's prepared to like. What she isn't prepared for is her landlady's brother Marshall who seems to hate her on sight. She is captivated by Ellen's six year old daughter Emma who is having identity problems when faced with the arrival of a new baby. Then Ellen goes into labour in the middle of a storm and Maggie must face her fears to help. Along the way she helps a family grow closer together but what about her hopes for the future? Can she get past the wall Marshall has set up and does she really have a future here amongst the people she has grown to care for?

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A Brief Interview With the Author:
Sharon, What do you love about this book?
Autumn Dreams is a journey to the past for me. It is my tribute to my two aunts and to all the other teachers of those wonderful, long-gone one room country schools. It was the kind of school I attended for the first few years of my education and writing this story brought back so many  memories. It was like opening an old photo album and going through the pictures one by one saying, "Oh, I remember that!" By the time you've finished you're not sure whether the tear on your cheek is from joy or sadness.

Introduce us to your favourite secondary character.
My favourite secondary character is Emma, the mercurial six year old daughter of Ellen and Ray. She is an only child (until now) and is questioning her place in the family with the imminent arrival of a new baby. She is impish and clever. She has her own plans for her Uncle Marshall and thinks nothing of trying to give romance a nudge in her own unsubtle way.  I relate to her as I was also an only child growing up on a family farm with a dog as my BFF.

What do you hope readers will tell others about your book?

I hope they will say they remember the characters after they close the back cover of Autumn Dreams. I hope that readers will be left with a feeling for the past-for those country schools that were a part of the lives of  not only pupils but whole families, for farm life on those quarter sections where family extended to the livestock and we knew the cattle and horses by name, to helping our neighbours in times of need,  and to the sense of community we had then. I hope they will say they remember people just like the characters-a grandparent, an uncle, a cousin. I hope they ask for more. 

About the Author:
Sharon  McGregor is a west coast transplant from the Canadian prairies. Her imagination and story weaving got its start when she was an only child living on a farm. She’s moved on from cowgirl dreams to romance and mystery, but hasn’t lost her love for horses.
          When not writing or reading, she’s busy with the two shops she shares with her daughter- an ice cream and candy store and a bath boutique. 
          In spite of her eternal quest to escape the cold, she does spend time at ice rinks watching her grandchildren figure skate and play hockey. 
          When she can summon up the nerve to get on a plane (she’s terrified of flying like Maddie in Northern Lights) she likes to visit with her son and grandchildren who are still knee deep in the prairies. 
          Sharon loves endings with happy resolutions which is why she enjoys writing romance and cozy mysteries. Autumn Dreams is her second romance novella with Prism Books.

Twitter  : @sharonmcgr

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