Thursday, October 16, 2014

Book Review Gabriel by Jayna Morrow

Jayna Morrow

c. 2014
Prism Book Group
ISBN: 978-1940099453

Price 3.99
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Texas Romance

Gabriel Hearth, the title character, has some serious relationship troubles. From the opening scene of being left at the altar to the realization that this is not his first failed attempt at romance, the reader is carried along on a journey to wholeness.

A high school principal, Sparrow Walker, takes on the challenge of Gabriel’s out of control teenage son. The Hearth family is a town supporter, so attempting to point out their problems might not be in her best interest; however, Gabriel realizes he needs to do something to salvage his family, and himself, from its downward spiral.

It takes some thinking and some tough introspection for Gabriel to understand and appreciate the effort it takes to help Slade. For Sparrow, this triumph becomes more than another notch on her belt of perfection. But can these two strong-willed people work together long enough to show Slade there’s a better way to live and love? And get over their hang-ups?

Told in rotating points of view, this romance is for those who enjoy reading about putting family pieces back together again through the love of God.

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