Friday, March 27, 2015

Clear Your Emotional Clutter with Shelley Wilburn and Walking Healed

Walking Healed

A Journey of Forgiveness, Grace, and Hope
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My PhotoLiving with intimidation, oppression, depression, panic, and anxiety takes a toll on a person. We don’t often know why we are going through the things we are. We can’t explain the feelings we have or why we do the things we do. Many people don’t understand depression or the people suffering from it. They also don’t understand panic and anxiety attacks. However, these feelings are very real.

Through these pages would you walk along with me as I walk out my healing? You can watch as my life changes with each turn of the page, each story that is documented. This is my journey of two years. It may read like a devotional in some areas. It may read like a diary in others. Through it all, God has been in the very center molding and remaking everything about me.

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e-Book - ISBN 978-0-9864311-1-1

Library of Congress Control Number: 2015902208

My review:  
Shelley spent over a year clearing a path through a lifetime of emotional abuse and learned practices of negative self-behavior in reaction. Wilburn blogs her lessons in an open and vulnerable way. This book chronicles that journey. Everyone can learn from this story, whether you've been a purposeful or unwitting victim or abuser, readers will see how we affect others around us with our words, actions, and reactions.

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