Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review of Deborah Piccurelli's Love Comes Calling

About the Book
The day new Christian, Derek Spencer, shows up on Charlie Parkes’s doorstep to make up for what he’d done, is the very day he falls in love with her. But Charlie’s sister mistakes him for a home improvement contractor, and he decides to play along until he finds a way to tell her who he really is.

Charlie is attracted to Derek, but knows the attention he pays her is only flattery. How could such a great-looking guy fall for someone with a face like hers? Nevertheless, the two form a relationship that brings a joy to Charlie that’s way beyond her wildest dreams.

But what will happen when Derek’s true identity is revealed?

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Novella, buy on Amazon
Prism Book Group
March, 2015
Kindle: $2.99

My review:
Sweet story about a man who made a grave error, forever changing a person’s life.

Forgiveness, sure—easy to do from a distance, right? Especially when Charlie didn’t know the person who was responsible for running her off the road and scaring her face. When the person, Derek, shows up two years later, a case of mistaken identity gives him a chance to ease into the apology and offer of restitution he came to make.

Everybody in Charlie’s world made it easy for her to hide after the car accident that cost her career as a dancer. When a handsome remodeler and his partner show up, they’re drawn together and start spending time at lunch and even outside of work. Charlie’s sister Jess is also intrigued by Derek’s partner in business, Greg, a young man who shares many values. But something is fishy about Derek, and it’s not long before Jess figures out that Derek has a secret and gets Greg to spill it.

I enjoyed this very well-told tale of forgiveness, restitution, and genuine love. It’s a double romance as well as both sisters learn that family love doesn’t smother, and romantic love shouldn’t hide behind secrets and lies, especially with faith binding them all. Told from alternating third person viewpoints of the sisters and Derek.

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